March 2015

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Misdemeanor Probation: Georgia House Approves Bill to Reform Misdemeanor Probation


As many of my clients know, traffic court probation is another word for not having the money to pay your fines and fees.  Many people eventually end up paying far more for minor criminal charges or traffic violations then others who can pay their fines and fees on the day of court.  In addition, those who cannot pay usually end up facing a real jail sentence over a few hundred dollars.


“The House Judiciary Non-Civil committee approved. The bill would address a wide range of concerns about Georgia’s misdemeanor probation system.The House Judiciary Non-Civil committee approved House Bill 310. The bill would address a wide range of concerns about Georgia’s misdemeanor probation system.”

Congratulations Brian Sumrall, Awarded Super Lawyer Status in Worker’s Compensation Claims


Andrew would like to congratulate Brian H. Sumrall, workers’ compensation attorney, for his  selection as a Super Lawyer Rising Star for the fourth straight year. Andrew recommends Brian Sumrall for any Georgia workers who are injured on the job. Mr. Sumrall will fight for his clients to ensure that workers’ comp carriers meet their obligations under the law and maximizes settlement value on all of his cases. Call Brian at (404)924-4595 if you would like to discuss your case, or visit his website.



Criminal Defense Dekalb County: Dekalb District Attorney’s Office Seeks Death Penalty for Decatur Murders


The Dekalb District Attorney’s Office announced they would seek the death penalty for Aeman Presley for two murders in the city of Decatur and unincorporated Dekalb County.  Mr. Presley is indicted and arrested by Dekalb County authorities for murders that appear to have no clear murder or prior relationship.  Aeman Presley is also facing murder indictments from the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office for related murders that occurred in metropolitan Atlanta.

DUI Defense and Costs: Atlanta Drivers Face Largest Insurance Premium Increase for DUI Conviction


The Atlanta Business Chronicle just reported that Atlanta drivers convicted of a DUI face the fifth largest insurance premium increase if convicted of a DUI.    The average increase for Atlanta drivers convicted of a DUI was an additional $978.86, raising Atlantans convicted of a DUI insurance cost to on average $2,229.27.

If you are facing a DUI you need an attorney to prepare your DUI defense who knows the real costs of a DUI and has worked with the prosecutors and courts your case is assigned to in the past.



DUI Drugs: NHTSA Study Driving Stoned is much safer than driving drunk


A recent study released by National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration NHTSA  shows that drivers who use marijuana are no more likely to wreck than a sober driver.  To see the full report click here.  The state of Georgia criminalizes driving under the influence of drugs.  It is a separate and distinct crime from DUI alcohol.  To see more about Georgia’s DUI laws click here.


If you are facing a DUI alcohol or drugs charge click here for help.

Sex Crimes: City of Johns Creek Performs Massive Sex Crime Sting


The City of Johns Creek Police Department relapsed news they arrested numerous prostitutes, pimps, and johns in a planned sting.  The Department placed false ads on the site Backpage.  When persons responded to the ads the Police Department charged them.

Hit and Run Driver Arrested and Charged in Decatur Municipal Court


Decatur Police charged a local man in a Hit and Run in Decatur occurring earlier this year.  To see more from Decatur Metro click here.  Hit Run is a serious traffic offense.  Generally speaking the repercussions for this charged is  jail time, usually around ten days, a license suspension, probation, and in any civil litigation Defendant’s are subject to a punitive damage, award in addition to any other civil claims from a general car wreck.  To review the Official Code of Georgia for your self click here.

If you are facing serious criminal charges click here for help.


MADD: What is Blood Alcohol Content


Mothers against Drunk Drivers recently published an excellent article on what is blood alcohol content.  The article does an excellent job of describing blood alcohol content, how it causes drivers difficulties when operating this influence, and strategies for remaining a sober driver.

Tragedy and Legal Consequences of Driving Under the Influence

Decatur Lawyer

The AJC reported, on the the December 13, 2013 tragedy involving a newly married couple leaving their wedding.  The driver of the car wrecked and killed his bride only hours after marrying her while under the influence of alcohol.  The driver pled guilty to felony vehicular homicide. The Defendant was sentenced to 15 years,  the first two to three months in jail, and sentenced to probation after release.  In addition he was classified a habitual violator by the Department of Driver Services and is barred from having a driver’s license for at least five years.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers Survey


A new survery was just released by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers showing society views on choosing a designated driver and preventing DUI drivers on the road has shifted.  The survey found that most persons use a designated driver because the want to keep themselves and others safe.  The significant penalties for a DUI arrest were less of a factor than originally thought.  To learn more about the survey about Drunk Driving Click here.