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People charged with a crime have a right to a legal representative to help defend them in a court of law. A top DUI Lawyer Peoria, IL has to offer can often offer more help in the court of law than public defender. Those who cannot afford the cost of a private defense attorney have the right to a public defender supplied by the state. However, depending on the representation provided by a public attorney comes with risks. Here are some of the reasons why it’s almost always best to hire a private attorney if you’re charged with a serious crime.
Public defenders are paid comparatively little for their hard work, so they rely on getting cases through the system as quickly as possible in order to make a reasonable wage. Ensure your case receives the care it deserves by hiring a private attorney.
  • Most public defenders spend little time on individual clients since they’re not paid by the hour.
  • When you hire a private attorney, your lawyer will spend the time your case demands.
  • Public defenders often try to strike a plea deal with the prosecutor quickly, and they typically have little leverage when it comes to negotiating a beneficial deal.
 Thorough Instructions
When you’re charged with a crime, what you do before entering the courtroom can improve your odds of receiving a favorable outcome. Because they’re so pressed for time, public defenders often provide only minimal instruction.
  • If your case involved substance abuse in some manner, entering rehab might sway a judge or prosecutor to pursue less serious charges. A private attorney is more likely to offer you helpful instructions such as this.
  • Similarly, your behavior will be under scrutiny while you await trial, and a private attorney will be better equipped to provide clear guidance in the interim. A public defender is not likely to be available to you in this way.
 A Better Defense
It’s up to the state to prove your guilt, but prosecutors know how to spin the evidence as effectively as possible to their advantage. Picking apart the prosecution’s case requires expertise, and private attorneys are generally much better at uncovering exonerating facts than are public defenders. If your case makes it to trial, these facts can make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. The discovery period of a trial is critical, and a private attorney will be better able to make the most of it.
The simple act of hiring an attorney can have a significant impact on prosecutors. The state knows that proving a case will be more difficult when up against a defense attorney, and they’ll be more likely to offer a fair plea deal.
  • Since 90 to 95 percent of cases end up with a plea bargain, this leverage can be tremendously helpful.
  • A hired defense attorney might be able to outline problems with the state’s case, which might even lead to dropped charges.
  • The leverage granted by having a private attorney can be a powerful tool for negotiating with state attorneys.
Knowing What to Expect
Facing charges can be terrifying, and not knowing what to expect can lead to significant anxiety. By hiring a private attorney, you can better prepare yourself mentally for upcoming events. The sheer number of hearings involved in a criminal prosecution can be overwhelming, but a private attorney will help keep you up with what to expect and how to prepare. You attorney can also help you interpret confusing and seemingly contradictory hearing outcomes.
Stress is unavoidable when facing a potential prosecution, and it’s common to feel helpless. However, there are steps you can take to relieve some stress and be proactive. Hiring a personal attorney is a great way to ensure you’re doing all you can to reach a favorable outcome.
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