Crossfit has become a prominent name in fitness. From the Crossfit Games to the Crossfit apparel and of course, the Crossfit gyms, like the highly rated Crossfit Gym Bethesda MD residents trust; it’s hard to not be familiar with the brand. Crossfit is program, gym, competition designed to build and test the fitness of individuals in the workout scene.


What occurs in a Crossfit gym?


Crossfit attempts to increase cardiovascular endurance and raw strength. This is partly accomplished through the method of circuit training. Circuit training consists of several different exercises performed consecutively as a means of maintaining a higher heart rate and activating multiple muscle groups. Of course, not all Crossfit workouts consist of circuit training but many tend to. This fast paced environment can result in participants compromising on their technique when lifting. Unfortunately, compromised technique can lead to injury for the participant. If a participant is injured during a Crossfit workout, is the Crossfit establishment liable?


Crossfit Personal Injury Suits


In 2016, a personal injury case in Missouri was ruled in favor of the participant and required Crossfit HQ and its affiliate to pay out $400,000 to the plaintiff. Although the plaintiff was deemed to be 50% responsible for his injuries, he was still awarded a substantial amount of money.


What is a liability waiver?


Most Crossfit gyms will require you to sign a liability waiver in some form or another. For the most part, a liability waiver is an agreement between the participant and the establishment relinquishing the establishment of their liability for injury sustained by the participant. Sometimes this is referred to as a “release of liability”. Usually, these waivers are legally binding. However, there are circumstances in which the waiver may not hold up in court. The circumstances can involve the waiver’s format, language, representation, or content failing to meet legal requirements.


Personal Injury Suit


Although there have not been many suits to go to trial against Crossfit, it does not inherently mean that a participant suffering a Crossfit related injury is without a case. Immediately following an injury, the victim should contact a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer may ask the individual to provide their account of the events. The lawyer may also investigate the condition of the gym and its equipment. The lawyer may even ask questions to evaluate whether or not gross negligence was involved at the time and location of the injury. Cases of this category can be complex and require the experience and knowledge of a professional injury lawyer.


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