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Atlanta Child Molestation Lawyer  Atlanta Child Molestation Lawyer

A trusted Atlanta child molestation lawyer understands that, if your child was molested, they can be victimized twice by the justice system if the perpetrator is allowed to walk free. This can be heartbreaking for your son or daughter as well as for your entire family. However, you may have legal recourse. At The Lynch Law Group, we represent the victims and their families in child molestation cases. An child molestation lawyer for Atlanta, Georgia from our firm can file a civil lawsuit against the party or parties who abused your son or daughter. A successful suit can result in a substantial settlement from those responsible. A settlement acknowledges their guilt, sends a message to other abusers, and provides your child the financial resources they need to for counseling and any other necessary treatment to heal. Call us immediately to learn how The Lynch Law Group may be able to help your child get the justice they deserve.

Civil Lawsuit

A civil lawsuit is very different from a criminal trial. The specific details will vary from one case to the next and your child molestation lawyer in Atlanta can provide you more information as it pertains to your situation. However, here are the basic differences between the two and how a civil lawsuit can help your child get the justice they deserve.

  •         An alleged child molester can be named as the defendant in a personal injury civil lawsuit regardless of whether or not they were ever charged or convicted of molesting the victim. With the help of a child molestation lawyer from The Lynch Law Group, we can bring a suit against the individual who allegedly harmed your child.
  •         In a criminal trial, the jury must find the accused child molester guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil lawsuit, the bar is lower which increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.
  •         When a child molester is found guilty in a criminal trial, they are subject to a prison term. When a child molester is found guilty in a civil lawsuit, they do not face prison time but they will likely have to pay a monetary settlement to the victim. At The Lynch Law Group, a child molestation lawyer serving Atlanta has had tremendous success winning substantial settlements.

Child Molesters

Child molesters do not necessarily look like child molesters and in fact, this is why so many of them are successful when it comes to getting access to victims. In addition, many are in positions of authority or have direct contact with children. A child molester can be female or male, old or young, rich or poor. They come in all shapes and sizes. In recent years, arrests of child molesters have included many people who fell into the following categories:

  •         Teachers, principals, teachers’ aides, sports coaches, tutors
  •         Camp counselors and other staff
  •         Police officers
  •         Politicians, legislators
  •         Prosecutors, judges, district attorneys
  •         Baby sitters, neighbors

Contact a Child Molestation Lawyer Atlanta, Georgia Can Trust

If your child was molested, you may be concerned about who you can trust, particularly if they were abused by someone in authority. We understand. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. Meet our Atlanta child molestation lawyer in person and learn firsthand how we’ve helped other victims get the justice they deserve—call The Lynch Law Group today.