Read the following testimonials to find out what former clients had to say about the work Mr. Lynch did on their cases:

“I hired Mr. Lynch’s services for my son who was in some pretty serious trouble on one [drug] charge. Mr. Lynch consulted with us; then consulted w/my son. He represented my son well, he was more than knowledgeable about the cases and they won!! He was knowledgeable about the charges and the Judges. I would recommend this lawyer anytime! “
Kathy McClure
“I was facing two felony obstructions. I am self employed with a business that is about 5 yrs old and growing stronger every month. I have 3 children and a wife and I was facing jail time. If I had gotten a couple weeks jail time I would have lost my best customers. I would have had to start all over and if I had gotten serious time like a couple years, my wife and I had already talked about her going back to her country. Ultimately, Andrew was able to convince the district attorneys office that there were enough problems with my case that they should not prosecute. I got the news a week before Christmas! I would recommend Andrew and use Andrew again myself in a heartbeat.”
I would highly recommend Mr. Lynch! He was amazing! Long story short, while my nephew was living in Georgia, he had gotten a shoplifting charge. He ended up relocating back to Virginia. I tried contacting local attorneys in our area to find out if they could recommend an attorney in Georgia. I ended up going online to check out reviews on attorneys in the Georgia area. I noticed that Mr. Lynch had wonderful reviews, so we decided to go with him. To say the least, we made a great decision! My nephew did not have to appear in court in Georgia, and Mr. Lynch was able to work out a great deal with the prosecuting attorney. The charge was dismissed! Mr. Lynch kept us informed every step of the way. He was professional, personal, and very knowledgeable. You will not be disappointed!

Ms. Jacobs

“Mr. Lynch took great interest in my case and kept me up to date from the start. There were some different turns than I expected, but Mr. Lynch had it under control the entire time. My case had a lot of repercussion on my life (like I would assume it would on others lives) and Mr. Lynch took my case personal. He worked with a slow judicial system and made it work at the pace we needed it to. Mr. Lynch’s legal services were more then I could have imagined, since I had never needed an attorney before this. I would recommend Mr. Lynch to family and friends.”
Andrew was amazing- he got my case dismissed and was super professional both in court and outside court. He took the time to answer all of my questions over the phone, returned my calls promptly, and was honest and open with me throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


I hired Andrew Lynch, this summer to defend me in my case against the Atlanta Police Department. I was falsely accused of a DUI. My case was reduced. Having him defend me was one of the best decisions I could have made. He is very knowledgeable, with Georgia Law, confident and thorough. I will definitely refer him to others.


“Mr. Lynch provided top-notch service, clear and honest feedback, and was very good at preparing me for all contingencies. I highly recommend using Mr. Lynch because he will work hard to get you the best outcome.”
“Mr. Lynch is a true professional,dependable, determined, dedicated to my cause.  A true professional that will undoubtly climb to the highest standard in his chosen career.”
Fred M.
“With only 24 hours to respond Andrew did an excellent job of reviewing and analyzing the facts, contacting the parties involved, the Probation Officer & Solicitor of the case. He immediately put himself in a position that enabled him to discuss all the various options. He was very familiar with the courts and the court system. I was very pleased with his manner in which he conducted himself. I believe that Andrew maintained the respect and confidence of the court during our entire process.”
“Mr. Lynch did a great job representing me. He informed me of every avenue I could take regarding my situation, as well as what the outcomes could be in an honest, polite and cordial way.”
“Mr.Lynch provided excellent service. He was easy to talk with and made sure I was informed through out the whole process.  I would recommend him with the confidence and the knowledge he will provide top notch service.

Andrew Lynch was able to have my charges completely dismissed. He was also always prompt and responsive.

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to you for your excellent way of representation. Your generosity, your spirit, and your willingness to go the extra mile attributed to a successful day in court. Your caring commitment is critical for representing clients in the nature that you do and I just want to let you know you are doing a great job. My sincere thanks to you for doing such a superb job.”


Reginald Curry
“I highly recommend Mr. Lynch to anyone needing assistance with a legal issue, particularly in DeKalb. He was responsive, proactive, knowledgeable, professional and pleasant; he kept me informed w/every step of the process, including what to expect in court. As a bonus, Mr. Lynch appears to be well respected by judges, court personnel and policemen which was evident in court.”
“In November of 2009, I contacted Andrew Lynch regarding 5 charges the state had pending against me. Mr. Lynch provided me with superior service and was able to get all charges dismissed with only one appearance. I was so satisfied with the services that I referred several clients to him. Mr. Lynch is truly a professional attorney that deserves recognition. Expect the best.”
“I was charged with animal cruelty when my dog accidentally died of heat stroke.  He had been my dog for over two years and he was part of the family.  The prosecutor was asking for a year in jail.  I have five children and there is no way I could go to jail.”

“Mr. Lynch took my case to trial.  The prosecutor had to drop the charge for insufficient evidence before the trial was over.  Mr. Lynch was great.  He did everything I wanted and expected.  He asked all the right questions, got all the right answers and got all the right people on the stand.”

Lashondra Russell
“If someone was trying to decide whether to hire Mr. Lynch I would tell them to do it.  I was very happy Mr. Lynch’s services.  He fought hard to get me a good deal that I am very happy with.”
Linda Middlebrooks
“Mr. Lynch represented me in a minor traffic violation.  He did all the things your lawyer should do.  He gave me a full 360 view of my options, weighed the consequences of various courses of action available to me, and then helped me select the most appropriate course of action for me personally.”

”He appeared at court promptly.  He made sure everything was complete and final. He was able to have my ticket reduced, and saved the points from my license.  Beyond these basics, he went the extra mile.”

“I had to have a trial when I was charged with a crime that would have caused me to lose my job.  Mr. Lynch got me a not guilty verdict.  Besides being a good lawyer, he is an excellent person.  He helped me at a time in my life when I didn’t have anyone else to depend on except him.  You can count on him to get your case done.”
Ladarius McKenzie
“He was very helpful and he was a good lawyer I would recommend him”
“Andrew was very involved with all aspects of my case and showed genuine concern for my situation.  He was very prompt and our correspondence was pleasant and succinct.  He showed confidence and ease in the courtroom and had my case dismissed in no time, saving me a good chunk of change! I would definitely recommend Mr. Lynch’s services as a defense attorney to any and all. “
Christopher Bair