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Child Molestation Lawyer Georgia

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Child Molestation Lawyer Georgia

Child Molestation Lawyer Georgia

Have you been charged with child molestation? Do you believe the accusations against you are false? Are the charges against you based upon what you believe to be, the thinnest of evidence? If so, you should call a child molestation lawyer in Georgia now. 

These Allegations Are Often Relentlessly Pursued

At the law office of The Lynch Law Group we offer knowledgable, aggressive defense for those who have been charged with a sex offense, including child molestation charges. If you’re facing these types of charges, it will be in your best interest to call a Georgia child molestation lawyer right away. 

False Allegations

As a child molestation lawyer in Georgia, we have learned over the many years of experience, that false allegations do happen. In the 1990s, there were a number of cases involving daycare providers who were involved in investigations related to sexual assaults. Several of these cases were tainted by poorly trained therapists and police officers. Tragically, this resulted in innocent citizens being accused, and even convicted, of a sexual assault they never actually committed. Today, things like this still happen. One of the biggest problems that occurs is when law enforcement fails to obtain a correct chain of custody of the child’s memory. For instance, when there is an accusation of child molestation, the child will likely be in some way, interviewed. Due to the fragile mind of the child’s brain, interview techniques can be flawed. These, in combination with aggressive forms of questioning, could possibly lead to false memories. 

As a child molestation lawyer in Georgia might explain to you, it is possible for memories to be influenced by misleading questions. Although adults and children are prone to this, children can be more susceptible; especially when a memory is suggested by an adult, parent, or therapist. Unfortunately, when certain situations arise, concerned parents and law enforcement officers might press a child in a way that actually does more damage than good. Furthermore, it is possible for this questioning to occur without the presence of a specially trained psychologist or forensic interviewer. If this should happen, a child could adopt what is said during questioning, and turn it into a memory that they “remember”.

In many cases, there exists evidence that suggests a child’s story is partly incorrect, inaccurate, or untrue. It is possible for police to be selective in what they believe, especially when it involves a child. If unverifiable events are combined with those that are untrue, and police or a prosecutor believe them to be true, an innocent person could be charged with a crime that could inevitably change their life forever. 

The Charges Against You

As a child molestation lawyer in Georgia, we have represented clients facing a broad range of sex crimes charges, including:

  • Child pornography
  • Sexual assault
  • Rape
  • Statuatory rape
  • Incest
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Child molestation

There are many ways in which a person can be charged with child molestation, sexual abuse, or solicitation of a minor. Whether you have been falsely accused or there is strong evidence against you, we can work with you to defend your case. Time is typically needed to investigate and build a strong defense. You are encouraged to call a child molestation lawyer in Georgia as soon as you possibly can.