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When you are looking for legal help, you should get the help you need from a Decatur, Georgia lawyer from The Lynch Law Group Depending on the type of legal help you need and the severity of your case, you may not be sure how a lawyer can help you. Below, you will find out more information that a lawyer in Decatur, Georgia has gathered regarding general information on personal injuries. If you are suffering from a person injury, consider contacting a Decatur Lawyer.

Commonly Used Terms in Personal Injury Cases

The severity and type of personal injury cases out there can vary greatly. The ways in which people can become injured are quite limitless. Whether it be a car accident or slip and fall, the process of personal injury cases are generally the same. There are a set of commonly used terms within personal injury cases that every client may want to know about when filing a lawsuit. A Decatur, GA lawyer from The Lynch Law Group P.C. can answer any further questions you have about the following definitions. If you or someone you love has recently suffered an injury in which you want to seek compensation, we encourage you to obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

In the article here, a lawyer in Decatur, Georgia has provided you with a list of terms in alphabetical order, that are typically associated with personal injury cases.

Answer. When the defendant files an official answer to the complaint, which notifies the plaintiff of the defendant’s stance on the accusation.

Burden of Proof. The plaintiff must prove by a preponderance of evidence that the defendant is responsible for the accused act or negligence, and is thus liable. In other words, the plaintiff must prove that the actions on behalf of the defendant likely led to the accident injuries.

Complaint. A lawsuit is started by the plaintiff through filing a complaint to the courts. This complaint is an official statement regarding grievances.

Damages. This is the compensation a plaintiff is seeking in a personal injury lawsuit. There are two kinds of damages within a personal injury case, non-economic and economic damages.

Non-economic damages are symptoms such as anxiety, pain, depression, humiliation or something else that was experienced due to the plaintiff’s injuries. Economic damages are things such as medical bills, loss of wage, emergency costs or other expenses the plaintiff accumulated as a result of the injury. Our Decatur, Georgia lawyer can provide a consultation to help decide what kind of damages may be true for your case.

Defendant. The party that is accused of being liable for the plaintiff’s accident injuries.

Negligence. Being careless or failing to behave in a reasonable manner with care, which contributed to another party suffering damages or injuries. In order to prove negligence in court, the plaintiff must show the following factors are true:

  • The defendant had an obligation or duty to the plaintiff
  • The defendant breached or violated such duty/obligation
  • The breached duty caused harm to the plaintiff
  • Quantifiable damages exist as a result of this harm

Plaintiff. The person or party that brought forth the lawsuit, claiming the defendant acted in a reckless way or was negligent, which caused injury/damages.

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