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If you are charged with a federal crime you have a right to an attorney.  At the The Lynch Law Group  we believe your case should be prepared for trial.  This out look is crucial when dealing with a Federal prosecution.  Federal and state courts often prosecute similar charges. However, federal prosecutors, as compared to state prosecutors, typically builds their case against you prior to any arrest and prosecution.  

Federal prosecutors commonly handle:

In the legal community, it is often said that the lawyer who is most familiar with the facts of the case ends up winning.  By preparing every case for trial we are able to learn as much about you, your case, and your goal for your case as we can.  We investigate the officers, evidence, and witnesses involved in your case.  With this information, we build a legal and factual trial defense for your jury.

Another advantage of preparing every case for trial is the position of power it gives us.  This reputation gives us the leverage we need to get you the best deal possible.  In preparing a case for trial and learning the weaknesses in the State’s evidence, many cases, which appeared hopeless, can be dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge without a trial ever becoming necessary.

Being prosecuted in federal court is one of the worst experiences you can go through.  At the The Lynch Law Group we understand this.  In order to help you through this difficult and frustrating process, Mr. Lynch prepares your case for trial so that you can explore every outcome and make the choice that is right for you.

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    “ndrew is truly great at what he does . During our consultation he was competent in the law and provided me with real expectations about what could happen in court. Andrew kept his word that he would do his best to help me. This meant the world to me especially because I am a single mother of three children. I recommend him as a lawyer to anyone who requests legal services.”
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