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DUI Lawyer Dekalb County GA

Attorney for a DUI Charges

DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA

Drivers who have been accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence often turn to the experience of a DUI lawyer Dekalb County, Georgia trusts at The Lynch Law Group, for a case evaluation. We have protected people’s rights in hundreds of cases since opening our doors, and when it comes to handling your DUI case, we can apply keen strategies in your defense. Finding a dedicated DUI lawyer to assist throughout the legal proceedings will be crucial to a verdict in your favor. We are willing to work around the clock on your defense.

The weight of potential fees and jail time may feel burdensome. A DUI charge can adversely affect your future, and it is our goal to get you through the process with as little stress as possible. Further consequences could involve a suspension period for your license, high fines, probation, and/or needing to install an ignition interlock in your car. By having the support of a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA knows from the law firm of The Lynch Law Group, you will have someone working on your behalf every step of the way.

Range of DUI Charges

The following are a range of possible DUI charges you could face:

  • Your 1st through 3rd DUI offense
  • Your 4th DUI offense & up (in which case you will be declared a “Habitual Violator”)
  • Felony DUI charge
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Underage DUI offense
  • DUI with resistance to police

A DUI conviction is very serious, and the consequences can be especially high for repeat offenders. Following a DUI charge, you may be faced with penalties such as:

  • Large fines and fees
  • Probation
  • Mandatory alcohol testing
  • Mandatory alcohol treatment or education
  • Community service
  • Jail time

In general, if this is not your first DUI, you can expect the penalties to be substantially greater. It is highly advisable not to fight your DUI case without a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA if you have multiple related offenses and charges within a 5-10 year period.

Fight Your DUI Charges

After you have been charged with a DUI, it is your right to consult a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA for advice and guidance about what you should do next. Our law firm has been helping men and women who were caught under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Not only have we been able to get many of our client’s charges reduced, but also entirely dropped. Regardless of complicated, you believe your case to be, we are equipped with a dedication, confidence, and readiness to fight for your rights and the allegations of the prosecutor.

Regardless of the type of DUI charge you are facing, we can implement a plan that may clear the offense, or least minimize the punishment severity. By choosing a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA seeks from the law firm of The Lynch Law Group, you can trust your case is being handled with skill, care, and compassion.

We may use former police detectives to assist in our investigation of your case. We have a legal team who may be able to scrutinize your breath and blood alcohol results. Our investigative methods enable our team to gather evidence that may change the course of your case.

Part of a DUI charge includes having to appear at a hearing at your DMV office. There, they may attempt to take away your privilege to drive. You do have the opportunity to fight to keep your license, but standing alone for this hearing could result in a driving suspension. If you hire the professional representation of a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA turns to from the law firm of The Lynch Law Group, he or she can speak up on your behalf during this hearing.

Reasons You May Not Be Guilty

There are quite a few rationales your lawyer may use to defend your innocence at a hearing. They may include any of the following:

  • Law enforcement may have had no reasonable cause to stop you
  • The DUI tests may have been flawed or inaccurate
  • Your blood test could have been improperly analyzed
  • The breathalyzer may have not been working correctly

If you think any of these may apply to your case, do not hesitate to get in touch with a knowledgeable DUI attorney right away.

How Can I Get a DUI Charge Off My Record?

The repercussions for a driving while intoxicated (DUI) conviction can follow a person around for many years to come, if not for life. A person who was arrested, learned his or her lesson and now wants to improve in life, may want to find out how to get such a charge off their record.

Perhaps the best way to find out if this is even possible and what you have to do to get it done is to consult with a lawyer who has knowledge in this area of legalities. A DUI lawyer in Dekalb County Georgia may have tips and tricks for how to help prevent this charge from negatively impacting your life.

Q: What can I do to get the DUI off my record?

A: A person who was convicted of a DUI may quickly realize how difficult it can be to get hired for a job with this on his or her record. The first thing a person can do is get legal help, as the chances of beating a DUI without assistance from a Dekalb County GA DUI lawyer is very small. Those who hire qualified DUI lawyers regarding alcohol-related offenses are more likely to have the charges at least reduced.

Q: If I can beat the DUI, does this mean it is removed from my record?

A: It is possible the expunge or remove a DUI offense from your criminal record. However, this does not necessarily mean the charge won’t still show up on your driving record. The best way to improve your driving record can be to avoid additional infractions and simply wait until enough years have gone by. The DUI may be required to remain on your driving record for a duration of time based on state laws.

Q: How can I check on my driving record to see what is there?

A: If you are wondering whether an old infraction is still on your record, you can visit your state’s department of licensing website online. The precise steps to look this up can vary based on where you live. In general, you can examine your record but will probably have to provide personal information and identification first, and a minor fee may or may not be required. You can also visit your local department of motor vehicles office and request a copy of your driving record. This can be a great way to check that dates, offenses, and other incidents are correct.

Q: If I was charged with a DUI in one state but then moved, will it show up?

A: In the majority of cases, a DUI conviction in one state is going to come up on your driving record if you move to another state. However, this depends on the state laws for where you lived when the offense happened. If you were to commit a second DUI offense while living in another state, it may be shared with your former DMV office. Repeat offenders for alcohol-related arrests may face steeper punishments each time. A DUI lawyer in Dekalb County GA can advise you how to check your record in Georgia.

Why Choose The Lynch Law Group

The consequences of a DUI can last for many years to come after the initial incident. However, when you choose to have the right DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA on your side, it may be possible to have your charges reduced or dropped. Whether this is your first or subsequent DUI, you should reach out to a law firm such as The Lynch Law Group

We are passionate about criminal law and it is this drive that acts as a base to our success; in addition to our knowledge and experience. The police may very well be telling you things that you don’t want to hear; such as, “We know you are guilty.”, or “You don’t need a DUI lawyer.” Rest assured, you don’t have to listen to statements like these, but you should remain polite. Rather, it may be in your best interest to find out what a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA has to say. While you wait for a lawyer to arrive, it is advisable to invoke your right to remain silent. By doing so you can feel assured that you don’t make a mistake in saying something that may be misunderstood by the law.

Reasons to Retain Our DUI Lawyer Dekalb County GA

  • Our team is knowledgeable
  • We are zealous
  • We have the necessary resources to investigate and build a strong case
  • You won’t be treated as another number or case file
  • We can meet you at home, in our office, or in jail
  • We will be at your hearing and court dates
  • We will help you to understand what to expect


What Is blood alcohol level?

A blood alcohol level (BAC) refers to a measurement used to gauge an individual’s impairment from alcohol or drugs. As a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA residents trust can confirm, the legal limit is .08% in Georgia. Motorists who have a BAC of .08% or higher can be arrested for a DUI. A person’s BAC can be determined through a breath test or blood sample. The BAC will depend on many different factors, such as a person’s weight, metabolism and liver function.

Do I have to answer the police officer’s questions?

After you get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, a police officer may ask you if you have been drinking and other questions. You are under no obligation to answer these questions. In fact, you should say as little as possible to the police. You are only required to provide your full name, driver’s license and insurance information. If you diclose too much information, it may be used against you later.

What Is the most common time to get pulled over for drunk driving?

Although people can get pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving at all hours of the day and night, it is more common during the late evening and early morning hours. That is a typically when people drive home from a bar.

Will I lose my job?

People who get arrested for drunk driving may worry if they will lose their job or not. As a Dekalb County DUI lawyer can attest, this may depend on the type of position you hold and what your employer’s rules are. For example, if your job requires driving a vehicle, such as Uber or Lyft, you may lose your job. Likewise, jobs that require licensing, such as teaching or law, may be affected by a DUI charge. However, you should still disclose your arrest to your employer promptly so that it does not seem like you’re trying to hide something.

Do I have to complete a field sobriety test?

If you are stopped for a suspicion of drunk driving, the police officer may ask you to complete a field sobriety test to determine if you appear drunk or not. For example, you may be asked to walk and turn or stand on one leg. In Georgia, you are not required to submit to this test. Since this test will only be used against you in court, it may be in your best interest to refuse it.

What should I look for in a DUI lawyer?

If you hire a DUI lawyer, you have a better chance of a successful outcome in your case. It is important to choose a lawyer who has specific experience with DUI cases and a track record for success. He or she should also be honest, communicative and compassionate. The lawyer you work with should have plenty of trial experience in case you have to go to court.

Seek Legal Representation Today

Our DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA can listen to your case right now and begin to investigate all of the details in order to determine the best defense strategy. Please call the law offices of The Lynch Law Group to speak with one of top DUI attorneys in Dekalb County GA. We understand this may be a very trying and emotional time for you. Whether you prefer to speak over the phone or in person, we can attend to your case right away. We hope to hear from you soon about how we may be of assistance. Call now, so a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA knows for compassionate representation can go over your case in greater detail as soon as possible.