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Decatur AttorneyWhen you have been charged with a crime, or are facing charges, it might be a good idea to speak to a Decatur attorney from The Lynch Law Group to find out what options you may have. These types of charges can have a serious repercussion on your life and may lead to heavy fines, imprisonment, probation, a permanent record, and more. Because the legal system is complex and has a number of intricate laws and loopholes, it may be possible for a lawyer to reduce or eliminate your charges.

The Lynch Law Group is the kind of Decatur attorney you can count on for fair representation in a court of law. As a determined criminal defense attorney, Andrew has helped thousands of clients, both adult and juvenile, avoid harsh penalties. To speak with an attorney in Decatur GA, such as The Lynch Law Group, please call our firm now.

What is the Difference Between a Private Attorney and a Public Defender?

After you have been charged, you should be given the right to a Decatur attorney. This includes the choice between a private attorney and a public defender. Public defenders have received a great deal of negative media attention and are often portrayed as being inadequate or ineffective. The truth is that public defenders are lawyers who typically do care about their clients. However, they usually work for the state, which means they are often underpaid and overworked.

Many public defenders work several cases at once and are not able to dedicate the time a criminal case actually needs. In fact, some defendants don’t meet their public defender until a few minutes before the hearing. This could prove to leave any defendant open for harsh prosecution because their case did not get enough attention.

All too often a client who decides to retain a Decatur attorney will complain about the lack of contact with court-appointed counsel outside of the court appearances. Another downside to a public defender is that by law they can only represent you in a criminal case. They cannot help you with any civil matters, such as defending you during a license suspension hearing. Finally, you will typically not be able to choose a court-appointed lawyer; this means you may get someone who you don’t necessarily like, but have to work with.

By having a private Decatur attorney on your side, you retain the power to choose who you feel best can represent you and your case. Some benefits include:

  • A private attorney may intervene your case early on your behalf;
  • An attorney may provide the prosecutor with your side of the story;
  • A Decatur attorney may devote the necessary time and attention your case demands;
  • You can receive legal counsel even after your case concludes;
  • Resources are not tied to the legislator’s current budget, nor are they affected by common cutbacks;
  • A Decatur attorney has the insight and experience to fight for your rights; and
  • You may be helped with administrative matters such as license suspension/renewal.

Final Considerations About a Public Defender

A public defender is not offered to everyone. In fact, he or she can only represent someone who has:

  • Been charged with a misdemeanor or felony;
  • The defendant is unable to afford a private Decatur attorney; and
  • A private attorney can be contacted during questioning, before any charges have been filed.

What Types of Cases Can a Decatur Attorney Defend?

There is a myriad of charges for which an attorney Decatur GA residents trust can represent clients, but when you are facing serious criminal charges you want an Decatur attorney who will aggressively defend your rights. After all, the outcome of your case may have a severe impact on your future, depending on the outcome. Attorney Lynch is the defense lawyer to turn to. He has extensive experience handling the following types of criminal charges:

DUI Charges

Georgia has enacted some of the harshest penalties in the country for drunk driving convictions. If you are convicted, not only will you suffer the loss of your driving privileges, but you also face large fines, probation, alcohol evaluation and treatment, the required purchase and installation of an ignition interlock device, and jail time. Once you have completed whatever punishment the court has handed out, you will then have to deal with expensive insurance rates – if you are even able find a company that will insure you. A Decatur attorney can tell you that many employers also hesitate to hire people who have DUI convictions because it may indicate an issue with alcohol.

If you have been charged with a DUI, in addition to facing the charges in criminal court, there are also civil charges with Department of Drivers Service that need to be immediately addressed after your arrest. A DUI defense attorney in Decatur will advise you that you only have 10 days to file a request for a hearing or your driver’s license is automatically suspended for 90 days – regardless of the outcome of the criminal case.

Violent Crimes

Decatur Attorney Lynch has successfully fought for the rights of many clients who were charged with violent crimes. If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter, assault and battery, domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, or any other type of violent crime, contact our office today. The sooner our legal team can begin building your defense, the better your chances are of a not guilty verdict. We will gather evidence and interview witnesses in our concerted efforts to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you.

Juvenile Crimes

The Georgia juvenile justice system is different than the adult criminal justice system. Not every Decatur attorney has experience with juvenile justice and retaining an attorney who prepares his or her case to defend a teen the same way they would defend an adult can result in the worst possible outcome for your child.

Drug Possession

In the state of Georgia, to possess a drug means to have it physically on you and in control of it, having constructive possession, or knowledge of the drug with an ability to control it. If someone is found in control of an illegal drug, they may be charged with drug possession. In order to properly defend you against such allegations and the resulting repercussions, it is important to consult with a member of our team as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can begin building a defense strategy for your behalf right away.

To build a strong defense strategy for your case, a lawyer will have to perform a full investigation of the situation. Many possession of drug offenses happen at traffic stops or when performing a search of a person and their vehicle. Your attorney is going to assess whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to haul you in the first place and whether there was probable cause for an arrest.

Your lawyer will also investigate the circumstances surrounding the search and the seizure of the supposed drug. Your lawyer will be assessing whether your fourth amendment right against unlawful search and seizure was violated. Your lawyer may have connections to the prosecution or court judge, and can negotiate on you in hopes of a resolution for the case.

One of the biggest mistakes any person can make is speaking with an officer after their drug possession arrest. It is strongly advised that you stay silent and request a lawyer as soon as you are able to. Unfortunately though, many people talk with an officer and hope that they can influence their decision in arresting them, but that rarely proves effective.

There is no reason to go about handling your arrest without help from a reputable lawyer. You may be worried that you cannot afford one, however, you may find that it is within your means and is worth having help so that your future is not tarnished. Drug possesion charges in the state of Georgia are taken seriously and we can help see to it that your rights remain respected all the way through.

We can imagine the stress you may be under, but remember that you are not guilty until proven so by the court. Until then, you are assumed innocent. Now is the time to have a lawyer build your defense so you can go into court feeling more confident than not. Even if the chances of a dropped charge are grim, we can work to reduce the consequences you face.


How long does a criminal case take to resolve?

Dealing with criminal charges is stressful, so you’re likely anxious to get the proceedings over with as quickly as possible. However, as a Decatur, GA attorney can attest, how long your case takes to resolve will depend on the unique circumstances of your charges. For instance, if you were charged with a simple demeanor, you may be able to resolve your case in just a few months. On the other hand, if you were charged with a felony and want to go to trial, your case could take over a year.

What is a plea agreement?

A plea agreement allows a defendant to plead guilty to a lesser charge to receive a reduced sentence. Most criminal cases are resolved through a plea bargain. In certain cases, this can lead to a favorable outcome. For example, if the prosecutor agrees to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor, it may be worth it to accept a plea agreement.

Should I talk to the police?

Once you have been detained, the police will probably ask to speak to you about your case. Under no circumstances should you answer their questions without an attorney present. The police might seem like they want to help you, but they are only speaking with you to get information to use against you. As such, you should remain silent. Tell police that you do not want to speak to them without your Decatur, GA attorney present.

How soon should I hire a criminal attorney?

It is best to hire a criminal attorney as soon as you get charged with a crime. Do not wait until your first court date to retain legal counsel. An attorney will need a lot of time to prepare a strong defense, so you should consult one as soon as possible. When you first meet with an attorney, be prepared to answer multiple questions about your case. If you have paperwork pertaining to your arrest, you should bring that along with you to your meeting. The more information your attorney has to go on, the better he or she can help you.

Do I still need a criminal attorney if I was falsely accused?

It is terribly unfair to get falsely accused of a crime. Unfortunately, however, it happens more than you may like to think. Even if you think you were unfairly arrested, it is still important to have a skilled lawyer on your side. People get sent to prison for crimes they never committed. Your lawyer will work hard to prove your innocence.

What’s the difference between a misdemeanor and felony?

A misdemeanor is a lower level crime that leads to no more than a year in jail. Common types of misdemeanors include public intoxication, petty theft and domestic violence. A felony, however, is a serious crime that may result in no less than one year in prison. Common types of felonies include auto theft, kidnapping, drug crimes and murder.

Legal Representation You Can Rely On

No matter what type of charges have been filed against you or your child, Attorney Lynch can mount a solid defense by using all available resources to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. He has represented defendants who were charged with misdemeanors as well as felonies. Attorney Lynch is also very familiar with the federal criminal justice system and will mount an effective defense if you or your juvenile child is being prosecuted by the federal government.

If you would like to know how an attorney for Decatur cases, like The Lynch Law Group, may help you, please call (404) 373-7735.