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DUI Lawyer Decatur, GA

DUI Lawyer Decatur, GAA DUI lawyer Decatur, GA offers knows that when you are out with your friends, you may think that if you cut yourself off after one or two drinks, you will be completely fine. In fact, some designated drivers even allow themselves to have a drink or two because they do not believe it will mess up their ability to drive. Even if they get pulled over, surely a cop would never charge them with a DUI after just a drink? The Decatur, Georgia DUI lawyer from The Lynch Law Group knows that, unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, the police officer who charges you with a DUI does not care so much about how many drinks you have had but how that alcohol specifically affects you. Below, we go into a list of things that can determine how alcohol affects you so that you have something to think about before getting behind the wheel of your car. 

  • My friend had one drink and it didn’t affect him. Is it the same?
    This is not usually how it works. Our DUI lawyer in Decatur, GA knows that alcohol is going to affect each person differently and someone who is a different sex and weight will be hit by alcohol more or less than someone else. For example, a 200-pound male may have two beers with dinner and feel fine after an hour or two of having those beers because he has a lower blood alcohol concentration than the next person. If the person next to him is a 130-pound female who drank the same two beers with dinner, she will likely have a higher blood alcohol concentration and still feel the effects of those beers long after her friend does. 
  • I’ve had two drinks over a few hours. Can I still get a DUI?
    The longer you wait in between drinks the safer you will be when you decide to drive, if you decide to drive at all. We do not recommend drinking two glasses of beer, wine, or mixed drinks before getting behind the wheel of the car. However, if you have had two glasses over a set number of hours, you are more likely to be safe. That said, we always recommend calling a friend, family member, or ridesharing service if you have consumed any alcohol. 
  • I was charged with a DUI and my BAC wasn’t even 0.08. What gives?
    Just because your BAC was not 0.08 exactly does not mean a police officer won’t charge you with a DUI. In many states, you may find that a police officer will pull you over for driving under the influence of any amount of alcohol and take you into jail and wait for you to sober up. 

Get Help From a Decatur, GA DUI Lawyer!

When you are questioning whether to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking, even if it has only been one or two beers, you should always wait or call someone to pick you up. We have represented many clients with DUI charges and will be here to defend you as well. Call The Lynch Law Group to speak with our DUI lawyer Decatur, GA drivers rely on.