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Criminal Appeal Attorney Atlanta, GA

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Our criminal appeal attorney Atlanta, GA residents recommend, can share that a criminal conviction can be disconcerting. Facing the consequences can be challenging and even impactful on your life. You may be wondering whether it will be possible to file an appeal. While our team at The Lynch Law Group will share that this process may not be for everyone, we can certainly assist and review your case to determine whether it may be possible to appeal your conviction. It’s only natural that you will have several questions. Our firm aims to educate our clients regarding the appeals process and provide them with the legal experience and representation they deserve. 

What is an appeal?

An appeal is a request to have the decision made by the courts changed. The Court of Appeals will review the original decision by examining the case to determine if errors were made and whether you can have the judgment reversed or remanded. There are many ways that this might occur. Your lawyer may be able to argue that you were convicted without sufficient evidence; in other situations, you may be able to prove that a legal error was made during the trial. 

What happens if my lawyer is able to win my appeal?

Typically when an appeal is won, the case is remanded. Our Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta, GA, will tell you that a remanded case will mean that you are entitled to receive a new trial. In some cases, a successful appeal may allow you to get out of prison.

Do I need a lawyer to represent my appeal?

One of the first steps to take when considering whether you have the grounds to file an appeal is to contact an appeals lawyer to review your case. This process can be incredibly complicated and cumbersome. With so much riding on the process, you will want a lawyer with experience in representing their clients in the appeals process.

The Lynch Law Group

Our lawyers will work diligently to prepare your case for the courtroom. When considering an appeal, you will want a law firm that will dedicate the time and energy needed to provide you with the best opportunity at a favorable outcome. There will be so much riding on the appeals process, which is why contacting our firm will be essential. We can provide our clients with:

  • Peace of mind in knowing that they have hired a lawyer with skill in representing clients during the appeals process
  • Education regarding the appeals process meaning, what to expect and how to manage each step
  • Regular updates regarding the status of your case
  • Detail-oriented staff who will carefully review your case to strategize next steps

No matter the conviction, it’s in your best interest to reach out to The Lynch Law Group. You deserve to have an experienced professional by your side who can provide you with the best opportunity at the results you are looking for. If you are looking to provide yourself with the representation you can count on during this critical time, contact our Atlanta, GA criminal appeal attorney to schedule an appointment.