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Criminal Defense Law Firm Atlanta, GA

Criminal Defense Law Firm Atlanta, GA

If you have been investigated, arrested, or charged with a crime, the criminal defense law firm Atlanta, GA trusts, The Lynch Law Group, P.C., knows that there are things you should not do. By following the advice of your Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta, GA relies on, you may help your case and protect your rights. As a leading criminal defense lawyer, we would recommend considering the suggestions below:

You May Want to Turn Yourself In If You Know You Have an Arrested Warrant

If you know you have a warrant out for your arrest, you don’t really gain anything by waiting for police to escort you into custody. By turning yourself in, you might see a judge sooner than most arrested people will have to wait. You also establish some credibility and even can make a strong argument when asking for low bail. If a warrant has been issued, our Atlanta, Georgia criminal defense law firm wants you to consider taking the following steps:

  • Speak with a criminal defense lawyer. A lawyer can talk with the police and arrange for a time in which you will turn yourself in. 
  • Make sure the funds for your bail are arranged and ready to access. 
  • Be sure you have nothing on you such as a weapon or drugs when you turn yourself in. 

Know the Rules for Making a Phone Call

Many people complain that they were not given their right to make a phone call. There is no constitutional right that gives you the ability to make a phone call immediately after your arrest. Depending on the laws of the state, jurisdiction, or even facility, there are usually administrative rules that allow a person to make a phone call (sometimes three), but the constitution does not include this right. 

If you are able to make a phone call, you should understand that nearly all police stations, jails, or interrogation facilities record these calls. The prosecution will very likely obtain a recording of your calls to see what has been said. In any call, even if it is to your trusted criminal defense law firm in Atlanta, you should not talk about anything that led up to the arrest, the arrest itself, or facts surrounding the case. You should not argue that you are innocent or explain what happened. You should stick to talking about where you are being held and what you have been charged with, nothing more. 

Don’t Confess

Following your arrest, you may be questioned. During this time, the police are trying to gather evidence that can be used against you. They might even try to get you to confess. It is common for police to offer to drop certain charges, give you a better deal, or promise that they’ll make it easier for you. They say these things with the intention of getting you to speak. You should remain silent. If the police had enough evidence, they would just charge you rather than offer you a deal, period. Furthermore, the police officer cannot cut you a deal, this is the prosecutor’s job. Police can make a recommendation to the prosecutor but nothing more. 

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