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Decatur Accident Attorney

Decatur Accident Attorney

Decatur accident attorney is prepared to protect our clients who are facing criminal charges following an accident. Those who have been arrested for a DUI at the scene of an accident may be understandably worried about the potential repercussions. The accused must remember that an arrest doesn’t automatically mean they will suffer the consequences of being guilty. Additionally, there may be influencing factors of the accident that you are not aware of yet. So while you may think you are at-fault, it is possible that you are not. During your arrest, it is important that you remain calm and do not share more information with the arresting officer than you need to. Decatur accident attorney, The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law can help you manage your case and mitigate the consequences you may be facing.

Why You Need to Call The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law

It is a complicated matter to be dealing with not only a car accident, but a DUI charge at the same time. The officer who arrested you may assume you did something wrong that caused the accident. But, through obtaining experienced legal representation for our Decatur, Georgia accident attorney, you may be able to show being under the influence was irrelevant. While this sounds like a stretch, consider this scenario:

Perhaps you got into a car accident because someone was following too closely behind your vehicle. A rear-end collision ensued and the other driver sustained injuries and property damage. The officer breathalyzed you and you were found to have had alcohol in your system. You are now the driver to blame.

Your Decatur accident attorney can argue that in most rear-end accidents, the person driving from behind is responsible because they weren’t driving based on the 3-second rule (in other words, they weren’t maintaining a safe distance between the vehicles). This is an example of a situation where being under the influence likely did not contribute to the car accident. 

The reason why the accused needs a Decatur Attorney to help handle a DUI and car accident is because the arresting officer may try to pin the crash on the driver with alcohol in their system, simply because it’s the easiest explanation (even if it isn’t true). This means that the accused driver may have to pay for the other driver’s losses and damages unnecessarily. Only a qualified and seasoned accident attorney serving Decatur understands this and the nuances of such a unique scenario.

The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law Can Investigate Further

Our Decatur accident attorney is strategic and won’t just accept the facts that are being brought forward by the other driver. The other driver and his or her legal team may try to do whatever they can to cast a negative light onto the accused driver, since they were found with alcohol in their system. Your accident attorney in Decatur can scrutinize the evidence against you, as well as investigating further into:

  • How the officer performed the stop of your vehicle
  • Whether the arresting officer complied with regulations for collecting evidence at the time of your arrest
  • If it’s possible the officer used the breathalyzer in an inaccurate manner which led to a false reading
  • How your urine or blood sample was handled when submitted to the lab for testing, and if it was run by an untrained or inexperienced technician
  • What the video and audio recordings from the officer’s vehicle or body cam show, and whether this evidence contradicts what the officer said happened

The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law can help you, contact our Decatur accident attorney to take action today.