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Decatur Criminal Defense Law Firm

For someone who has been accused of a crime, one of the most critical next steps will be to reach out to a Decatur criminal defense law firm that you can rely on. A person’s entire life could be sent into a tailspin, and it may be overwhelming to see a way out. A clear path for moving forward is essential, and there are critical steps that should be taken towards properly managing criminal charges. The days ahead can be full of uncertainties, but a lawyer’s assistance can help identify a clear path for moving forward in the right direction. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be steep, and depending on the severity of the crime, you could be looking at imprisonment, restitution, fines, and probation, in addition to several social consequences as well. Taking action with the assistance of The Lynch Law Group will be one of the most important steps you can take following a criminal charge. Don’t hesitate to put your best foot forward when contending with criminal charges. 

Steps to Take Following an Arrest

While it can be easy to take a wait and see approach, there is too much riding on potential case outcomes to support this strategy. Taking the proper steps toward self-preservation will be critical. Following an arrest, consider taking the following course of action to take control of the situation and put your best foot forward: 

  1. Know Your Rights

Our Decatur Lawyer shares that you will likely be taken to the station and booked once you have been arrested. Law enforcement will want to interrogate you to ascertain information regarding the crime you have been accused of. Having a clear understanding of your rights will be critical to ensuring that you do not do anything that could further incriminate you. 

  1. Do Not Speak with Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is required to read your Miranda Rights, reminding you that you have the right to remain silent and that any information shared can be used against you. Additionally, you will have the right to secure the representation of a lawyer. During the interrogation process, you should remain silent and ask for your lawyer before answering any questions. 

  1. Ask for a Lawyer

Once you invoke your Miranda Rights, police must stop questioning you, and you should no longer speak with law enforcement about any questions that are asked of you. While this time can be incredibly stressful, reaching out to a lawyer will be critical. They will be able to help navigate questioning and assist with the next steps for moving forward. 

  1. Keep a Record of Everything

Start keeping track of each aspect of your case. This should include your side of the story, details about the arrest, including essential dates, and any critical information you remember. This will be vital information to provide your lawyer with and may offer key details that could assist your defense. 

Hire a Lawyer for Help Managing the Charges

The Lynch Law Group has experience in representing clients during the most challenging of times. An excellent criminal defense lawyer will be the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the best opportunity at a favorable outcome. For more information about how our law firm can represent you, strategize your defense and keep your interests at the forefront, it’s crucial that you not hesitate in accessing our services. Get started by contacting our criminal defense lawyer representing Decatur, Georgia, as soon as possible.