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Decatur Criminal LawyerIf you are under investigation or have already been charged with a crime, consider contacting a skilled Decatur criminal lawyer immediately. The sooner your lawyer can begin working on your case, the faster you can start working toward a positive outcome. Attorney The Lynch Law Group has built an impressive reputation aggressively advocating for clients against manipulative prosecutors and law enforcement agents.

If you suspect you will soon be arrested, or if a loved one has already been arrested, a Decatur criminal lawyer may be able to get you or your loved one released on bail, depending on the circumstances.

How Does Bail Work in Georgia?

When a person is arrested, they are brought to jail, where they go through the booking process. During this process, the individual is photographed and fingerprinted, and an inventory is taken of their belongings. The individual is also allowed to call their attorney at this point.

The length of time that an individual stays in jail — before their initial hearing — depends on the time of day and the day of the week that they are arrested. At the initial hearing, a judge will set the amount of bail that will be required to post in order for the defendant to be released until trial. If the defendant is facing particularly serious charges, the judge may deny bail.

The purpose of bail is to guarantee that the defendant will show up for any and all court appearances. Once the case has been completed, the bail is returned to the defendant. If a defendant fails to show up for court, they could forfeit the bail amount.

As a Decatur criminal lawyer may explain, the bail amount the judge chooses is usually contingent on several factors. These may include the severity of the charges, the defendant’s ties to the community, and if the defendant has a criminal record.

If the amount of bail is low, a defendant may be able to post cash bail or have a relative/friend do so. However, when charges are more serious and the bail is high, many defendants do not have resources to come up with the requested amount in cash. In these cases, they have two options. They can either sit in jail until their trial — which could take months — or they can enlist the services of a bail bond agent.

In Georgia, bail bond agents usually charges a non-refundable fee, which is a percentage of the total amount of bail. For bail under $10,000, the fee is 12%. Anything over $10,000 requires a 15% fee. For example, if bail has been set for $100,000, then the non-refundable fee would be approximately $15,000. Since the fees are often well beyond what many people can afford, there are bail bond agents who also offer loan services.

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