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What is the difference between a court appointed lawyer and a private Decatur lawyer?

If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a Decatur lawyer. By doing so, you can ensure your rights are fought for and thoroughly protected. The Lynch Law Group is the kind of lawyer you can count on for efficient representation. Guided by decades of experience and a passionate drive to fight for each individual client, The Lynch Law Group works tirelessly to build a strong defense. To schedule an appointment with a lawyer in Decatur GA please call our law firm at (404) 373-7735.

When you’ve been charged with a crime, you will be faced with several decisions, such as whether or not to plead guilty and whether or not to accept a sentence offered by the prosecutor. Perhaps one of the most important decisions to make is who you should use as your legal representation: a court-appointed lawyer or a private Decatur lawyer. Before you choose one or the other, you should carefully weigh out their advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding the Role of a Public Defender

A public defender, also known as a court-appointed lawyer, is assigned to your case by the courts. They are appointed to defendants who may be unable to afford a private lawyer, and are available upon request. A public defender is provided by the state, so there are no fees for the defendant. Public defenders typically have experience in criminal cases and may have built professional relationships with the local prosecutors. As government employees, these lawyers generally have large caseloads, which could lead to less preparation time and an increased risk of errors. A public defender might only be able to meet with a client for a few minutes prior to being heard by a judge. Ultimately, the necessary time, energy, and attention needed to formulate a case might be hindered, thereby negatively impacting the overall outcome.

Understanding the Role of a Private Decatur Lawyer

A private lawyer, such as The Lynch Law Group, is selected and hired by the defendant or their family. In general, the only disadvantage of a private lawyer is having to pay for the legal services — especially with criminal cases. On the other hand, the advantages of a private Decatur lawyer are vast and may outweigh the upfront fees. Private lawyers typically take on a select number of cases to ensure each client gets plenty of individualized attention. This can help your lawyer to get to know you better and discover information that could be viable to your case. A Decatur lawyer might also review evidence, gather witness statements, and look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. His or her findings may be used to reduce the sentence or drop the charges altogether.

Tips for Hiring a Private Decatur Lawyer

Hiring the right Decatur lawyer can make a big difference in the outcome of your criminal case. However, with so many lawyers out there, it can be difficult to choose one. Here are several tips for hiring a good lawyer to handle your case.

  • Choose a Lawyer With Passion: It is important to find a lawyer in Decatur GA who has a true passion for helping people in legal trouble. During your initial consultation, pay attention to how your lawyer interacts with you. Does he seem interested in your story? Does he ask you a lot of questions?
  • Avoid a Lawyer Who Makes Empty Promises: A Decatur lawyer should be confident about helping you resolve your case, but that doesn’t mean he should make empty promises. If a lawyer tells you that he will get all your charges dropped in no time, it’s a red flag. Instead, a reputable and trustworthy lawyer would likely tell you that he will do his best to get you a positive outcome. It’s important to find a lawyer who is comfortable talking about realistic outcomes and not just “best case scenario” outcomes.
  • Find a Lawyer Who Has Experience With Similar Cases: If you are dealing with a DUI charge, for example, it might not be a good idea to hire a lawyer who only has experience handling theft cases. The lawyer you decide to go with should have experience with cases similar to yours. Some lawyers choose to focus on certain areas of criminal law; others choose to handle a wide range of cases. Regardless of how your lawyer operates, it’s generally advisable that he has experience handling a case similar to yours in the past.
  • Ask a Lawyer About His Current Caseloads: Before hiring a Decatur lawyer to take your case, make sure that he actually has the time for it. Some lawyers have very heavy caseloads and don’t have a lot of time to devote to each case. Ask a lawyer how many cases he is currently working on and if he actually has the time to take yours. You deserve to work with a lawyer who can give your case the attention it deserves.
  • Make Sure You Feel Comfortable: Experience and and education aren’t the only things you should look for when hiring a Decatur lawyer. It’s also important for you to feel comfortable around him. You should not feel afraid to tell him anything about your case.
  • Ask About Fees: During your initial consultation with a Decatur lawyer, it is important to ask about fees. They should be comparable to other lawyers with similar qualifications. If a lawyer’s fees are considerably lower or higher than average, it may be a cause for concern.

The Lynch Law Group: A Lawyer You Can Count On

When hiring a private lawyer, you can meet with him or her for a free consultation. You can use this to not only discuss your legal options, but also choose whether or not you believe they are a match for your case.  If you are ready to find out how a Decatur lawyer may fight your charges, please call The Lynch Law Group now at (404) 373-7735.

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