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Decatur LawyerA Decatur Lawyer from The Lynch Law Group has witnessed the ways that law enforcement and the justice system has failed the community. Some officers are all too quick to perform an arrest, when maybe there wasn’t sufficient reason to do so. But as everyday civilians, if an officer tries to arrest us, we shouldn’t fight back. Many people forget that they have rights too, and an arrest doesn’t mean automatic guilt.

Is it okay to talk with the officer?

Do not say anything to the officer who arrested you. You must remain silent and take advantage of your right to do so. We cannot emphasize this point enough, do not talk! Don’t try to convince the officer that you are not guilty, because everyone is innocent until proven otherwise by the court. The officer’s job is to process your arrest, but it doesn’t mean that you are assumed guilty.

Unfortunately, many people get panicked during an arrest and start rattling off excuses to the officer, in hopes they’ll change their mind. But what often happens is these words are misconstrued and are used against the accused later. Remain quiet. Once you get help from your Lawyer for Decatur cases, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to share your side of the story.

If I run, will there be additional charges?

If you run while an officer is trying to arrest you, there may be added charges including attempting to elude or resisting arrest. If your case does go to trial, the jury may view you running as a consciousness of guilt. The prosecution is likely to take the angle that only guilty people run, so if you were innocent, why didn’t you stay put? Law enforcement becomes highly suspicious of people who run and may even be inclined to draw their weapons to stop them.

Can I trust what the officer tells me?

All too often we hear stories about people getting arrested and then being brutally beaten or otherwise mistreated by police. Many officers do their job with a strong moral compasss, but that’s not true for all. Be hesitant and do not take everything the officer tells you at face value. Request a lawyer as soon as you are able to do so. 

Is it okay to let the officer search me or my property?

When an officer asks if they can search you, your car, or your home, you don’t have to say yes. You do not have to allow the police to search anything. You have the right to decline requests to do a search unless the officer has written court approval to do so. If you say no to a search and an officer does so anyway, then that can be used against law enforcement as your case is being handled. 

If you or someone you care about was recently arrested and needs help with their case, you must contact a Decatur Lawyer from The Lynch Law Group immediately so we can see to it your rights are protected from the very start.