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Drug Defense Attorney Decatur GA

Drug Defense Attorney Decatur GA Explains What to Anticipate if Arrested for Drug Possession

Drug Defense Attorney Decatur GA

Anyone who has seen flashing blue and red lights behind their vehicle has likely responded with a sense of panic. Let’s say an officer pulls you over, asks for identification and other required paperwork, and then after a search puts you into handcuffs for being in possession of an illegal drug. Any drug defense attorney in Decatur, Georgia has heard stories similar to yours, in which you were arrested for drug possession and now have no idea what to anticipate next. Drug possession charges are quite serious, and can have a negative impact on a person’s freedom, finances, and future.

What to Do in the Moments After

During your arrest, there is no need to react in a frenzy. It can make things worse if you try to resist, become defensive, or try to state your innocence. Keep in mind that anything you say during the arrest may be used against you in court. Do your best to keep your cool and stay level-headed. Remain quiet unless you are required to share information such as your personal details for booking purposes. If the officer starts asking you questions related to the drug possession, politely yet firmly tell them you are choosing to not speak further until you have obtained an attorney.

Once you arrive at the station, you are likely to be offered one phone call before being placed into a jail cell. We encourage you to contact a family member or friend, so they know you are safe. Then, your loved one can reach out to a drug defense attorney Decatur GA for what steps to take next. You can request that the court set bail until the court hearing, so you don’t have to wait in jail for your arraignment. The judge may or may not approve your request, depending on the circumstances of the arrest.

Consequences for a Drug Possession Conviction

Just because you were arrested, doesn’t mean you are automatically considered guilty in the eyes of the law. Those accused of drug possession will attend court and the burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he or she was aware and had control of the illegal drug or substance. The judge or jury determines whether the accused is in fact guilty, and what repercussions he or she will have to endure.

A drug defense attorney Decatur GA can work hard to help prevent you from facing a variety of punishments for the crime. Potential consequences for a drug possession conviction include:

  • Serving jail or prison time
  • Mark on permanent record
  • Paying penalties and fees
  • Difficulty obtaining employment
  • Tarnished reputation in the community
  • Requirement to attend rehabilitation
  • Serving community service hours

Those who have been arrested for drug possession charges must take their arrest seriously. This isn’t something to shrug off or act like won’t impact you long-term. The fact is, if you are convicted it can hinder your ability to grow and succeed in life. You need a drug defense attorney Decatur GA relies on; contact the law office of The Lynch Law Group today.