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Drug Lawyer Decatur GAA Drug Lawyer Decatur GA Offers Explains Drug Possession and Immigration Status

If you are not a citizen of the United States and you have been convicted of nearly any crime, you could be deported from the country. This may occur even if you are here legally, especially if it is a severe drug conviction, as a drug lawyer in Decatur, GA, can tell you. If you have a visa or are a permanent resident, you can be deported after being convicted of a drug crime. If you are not in the country legally, you can automatically be deported for that in and of itself. A drug lawyer from The Lynch Law Group can provide you with the legal guidance you need and represent you in legal proceedings involving drug charges. If we can get your charges dropped or reduced, that can make an extraordinary difference in your right to stay in the United States.

The United States immigration law has a detailed list of what could call for someone’s deportation. Crimes are included in the list of reasons. However, the crimes are described in very broad terms. A crime usually has to fall into one of the following categories: 

  • The crime was one of morally depraved behavior.
  • The crime is included on the list of reasons for deportation.
  • The crime was an aggravated felony.

Drug Possession and Crimes of Moral Turpitude

A crime of moral turpitude means that someone acted in a way that fails the community standard of justice, good morals, or honesty. Typically the only drug crimes that are considered crimes of moral turpitude are drug distribution and trafficking. However, if someone is charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, a drug possession charge would then be considered a crime of moral turpitude. It is crucial to have a drug lawyer in Decatur, GA, such as The Lynch Law Group look into your case and determine a solid legal strategy to minimize the potential repercussions of the charges against you. Our lawyer offers free consultations for people in this situation. Call our team today to schedule an appointment. 

Drug Crimes and Aggravated Felonies

According to United States immigration laws, an aggravated felony refers to a broad category of criminal offenses that results in severe consequences. However, even if a crime was charged as a misdemeanor in state courts, it can be considered an aggravated felony under immigration laws. Worse, drug possession with the intent to distribute can be viewed as an aggravated felony for immigration purposes. It’s critical to work with a drug lawyer in Decatur, GA, as early in the legal process as possible. In this way, a skilled lawyer such as The Lynch Law Group can be the most effective. 

Drug Crimes and Immigration Law

If a non-citizen commits a drug-related crime, including possession, trafficking, or intent to distribute drugs, they can be deported from the United States. If someone is convicted of a single marijuana offense, such as possessing less than 30 grams for their personal use, they may not be deported. If anyone is found to have more than 30 grams of any illegal or controlled drug, they may be charged with possession with intent to distribute and can be deported. 

If you were charged with a drug-related crime, contact The Lynch Law Group immediately. He is a drug lawyer Decatur GA community members call first.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Charges 

Our Decatur GA drug lawyer knows that drug charges resulting in a conviction can be incredibly stressful. Facing the consequences, the financial impact and other social impacts can forever change a person’s life. The following days, weeks, and months will be filled with uncertainties, which can be anxiety-provoking and stressful. The Lynch Law Group knows that these can be challenging times, and you deserve to have legal support that offers both skilled representation and peace of mind. Following charges, it’s likely that you will be left holding many questions about the process and what the future holds. By accessing our services, you provide yourself with the opportunity to have your questions answered.

What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony drug charge?

Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony will depend upon the details surrounding the case. This will include the type of drugs and the amount possessed. Drugs are classified into schedules and range in severity depending upon the type of drug and its potential for abuse. Felony drug charges are more severe than misdemeanors, fines, probation, and more. Misdemeanor charges are less severe and could result in jail time rather than incarceration. While there are still similar penalties, they are often far less than a felony charge. 

Is it possible to have charges reduced or dismissed altogether?

When facing criminal charges, many people wonder how they will have their charges reduced or dismissed. To ensure the best opportunity at this process, it’s imperative to employ the services of a Decatur, GA drug lawyer to help navigate this complex area of criminal law. Having charges dismissed does not always occur as often as someone might think. After reviewing your case, a criminal lawyer will look for signs of procedural mistakes or that your rights have been violated to get the charges dropped. In some cases, either your lawyer or the prosecution may offer a plea deal. A plea deal or plea bargain may be a way of receiving reduced charges in an agreement made between your lawyer and the prosecutor. In exchange for reduced charges, you may agree to plead guilty or no contest. 

What should I do if law enforcement wants to question me?

Questioning from law enforcement can take on two different forms, questioning, and interrogation. When law enforcement is gathering information about a case, they may ask to question you. In such situations, you are free to leave. An interrogation often occurs when a person has been arrested or is detained for a crime. During the interrogation process, law enforcement is looking to gather further evidence against and ultimately obtain a confession. Whether you are being questioned or interrogated, it may be in your best interest to seek representation from a lawyer before answering any questions. They will be able to protect your rights by ensuring that you do not do or say anything that could be used against you.  

How long does it take to resolve drug charges? 

You are likely looking to put this whole thing behind you so that you can move forward with your life. The length of time it can take to resolve a case will indeed depend on the logistics of your case. Some issues may resolve immediately, while others may take several months to conclude. 

How can a criminal defense lawyer help?

The consequences of a potential drug conviction can cause anyone to worry about the outcome of their case. To think of a life that’s changed entirely following a criminal conviction can be stressful. One of the most critical steps to take will be contacting an experienced criminal defense lawyer to begin the process of hearing your story, understanding your case, strategizing the next steps, and assisting with managing an often stressful process. 

Our team is fully prepared to provide our clients with the representation they deserve. We firmly believe that every case should be prepared for trial, even if the case’s outcome does not always require this component of the legal process. While we may get your case dropped or the charges reduced, know that The Lynch Law Group will always be prepared to take the next step if necessary. To gain access to services you can rely on when you need them most, contact our drug lawyer serving Decatur, Georgia, without hesitation.