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Drunk Driving Lawyer Atlanta, GA

Drunk Driving Lawyer Atlanta, GAIn the U.S., more than hundreds of thousands of drivers are arrested for DUI offenses every year, as a drunk driving lawyer in Atlanta, GA is familiar with. People often underestimate their alcohol consumption and decide to drive a vehicle. This has resulted in harmful accidents that have caused extensive injuries or fatalities. Whether it’s the driver or the victim, a person’s life is changed in an instant because of these major, but fleeting decisions. If you are in need of a DUI attorney, you may want to make an appointment with an experienced lawyer such as one from The Lynch Law Group and learn about your options. 

Drunk Driving Lawyer in the Atlanta, GA Area

Respected by the Atlanta, GA community, the drunk driving lawyers at The Lynch Law Group take every case seriously and we treat each case as if it’s headed to the courtroom. This ensures that the proper steps are taken to build a defense strategy customized to your situation. We take the time to get to know you and learn about every relevant detail to strengthen your defense. 

Every investigation we conduct is thorough. We evaluate the evidence, police officers, witnesses involved in the case to get an accurate picture. Not every charge is equal and sometimes there are certain factors that affect their strength or credibility. Inexperienced officers or lack of training can be contributing factors. Sometimes there are cracks in the charges, and as a result they don’t always hold up against closer legal scrutiny. We use this significant info to your advantage so you are able to have a formidable defense strategy. 

The Two Types of DUI in Georgia

In Georgia it is illegal to drive a vehicle while intoxicated or impaired. Drivers can be arrested if they are under the influence of any substance, whether it’s alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medicine. A driver can be charged with DUI if they consumed alcohol and their blood alcohol content is above .08. 

According to Georgia state law, there are two types of evidence that dictate how DUI cases are prosecuted: Per Se and Less Safe. In a DUI Per Se, this means that the prosecution’s evidence is based on a chemical test to detect substances in blood, urine, or a person’s breath. In contrast, a DUI Less Safe is more subjective, and the charge is based on evidence such as erratic driving or the driver’s interaction with an officer after being pulled over for a sobriety test. 

Avoiding DUIs

If you have been or are involved in a case of driving under the influence, it may help to schedule a consultation with a DUI lawyer trusted in the Atlanta, GA area. 

There are actions you can take to prevent DUI charges. Always be mindful of how much you drink. Before you operate any vehicle, take the necessary precautions. The safest option is to get a ride from a friend or use a ride-sharing service. It’s never worth the risk to drive when there are many options at your disposal.

Schedule an Appointment For Your DUI Case

If you or a loved one want to learn more about your options for your DUI case, contact a trusted drunk driving lawyer known in Atlanta, GA today.