First Lifetime Arrest

At The Lynch Law Group, a large part of our defense of the criminally accused is defending persons who have never been arrested in their life.   Our goal for these persons, is not only to pursue a complete dismissal of all criminal charges when possible but to take the next step of restricting the arrest records from employers, the public, and society in general.


We understand your concerns are more than what happens in court; it is what happens in a job interview five years from now, whether or not your professional license is in jeopardy, or dealing with the stress of entering a criminal court as the accused for the first time in your life.


At The Lynch Law Group, we are here to help you through this; at all times our goal for your case will be to get a great result or a result that allows you to keep living your life they way you were before the arrest.

Criminal Lawyer Dekalb County GA

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