How Can a Property Crimes Lawyer Help Me?

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If you have been charged with trespassing or destroying another person’s property, you should strongly consider hiring an experienced Decatur lawyer who handles property crime cases. There are laws that protect property owners from such acts and a conviction can result in serious consequences. With a successful property crimes Decatur lawyer on your side there is higher likelihood that the charges against you will be reduced or dropped. To schedule a free consultation with The Lynch Law Group call us today.

How a Decatur Lawyer from The Lynch Law Group Can Help You

At The Lynch Law Group, we have years of experience representing fellow community members who were charged with a crime. Our Decatur lawyer has helped many clients get a lesser charge or get their charges dropped altogether. Call us to find out how we might be able to help you too.

The following are common examples of property crimes:

Arson: This includes the reckless or intentional act of starting an illegal fire or explosion. When aggravating factors are involved such as damage to a home, person, or valuable property, the penalties can be even worse. This is also true when arson was carried out for the purpose of collecting insurance moneys. If someone was hurt in the process of committing arson, you could face additional criminal charges such as manslaughter or murder. Contact our Decatur lawyer without delay.

Agricultural Vandalism: A charge that includes the reckless or intentional act of damaging property, objects, or products that are related to an agricultural activity.

Criminal Trespassing: If you are caught entering a building without permission, either through a door or by breaking in, you might be charged with criminal trespassing. Depending on your intentions at the time and what you did once inside the building, you may be charged with a misdemeanor, felony, or summary offense. Our Decatur lawyer can begin protecting your rights even before you are charged with a crime.

Criminal Mischief: If you are caught recklessly or intentionally damaging another person’s property, you may face criminal mischief charges. Examples of this include spraying graffiti, knocking over mailboxes, breaking windows, etc.

Defiant Trespassing: If a property had signs posted that clearly stated something like “No Trespassing” or you were given a verbal notice to leave but did not, you could face charges that include defiant trespassing.

Institutional Vandalism: This charge is for the vandalizing or defacing of a property, object, or building inside a cemetary, school, government building, place or worship, or a community center.

A conviction of any of the aforementioned property crimes could result in jail or prison time, large fines, court fees, a permanent criminal record, and a ban from those places. It might be possible to have your charge reduced to one that is less likely to negatively impact your future. Call The Lynch Law Group, a Decatur lawyer who can protect your rights.

We Protect Fellow Community Members Accused of Property Crimes

It is our priority to ensure your rights are protected and respected. When you hire a Decatur lawyer from The Lynch Law Group, our legal team will review your case to determine whether or not your rights have been violated. As a result, we may seek a dismissal of all charges against you.

To speak with a Decatur lawyer about your legal options, call us at The Lynch Law Group.