Administrative License Suspension 10 Day Hearing

For most people arrested for a DUI their first question is will I lose my license. 

Georgia police, when arresting someone for a DUI, generally provide defendants with a temporary 30 day license, also called a 1205 form.  This is the Department of Drivers Service’s notice that your license will be suspended for driving under the influence.  Once a hearing date is scheduled with the administrative license court your 30 day license will be extended to a 90 day license.  

To protect your license you must challenge this suspension.  To do this you must request an administrative license suspension hearing within ten business days after your arrest for DUI.   This request must be filed within TEN BUSINESS DAYS OF YOUR ARREST!  

There is a one time filing fee of a $150.00, that you must pay.  Any filing that is not post marked by the ten business day is untimely and will be dismissed.

This is a civil, not criminal, hearing.  At this hearing we will do one of two things: either negotiate with the arresting officer about resolving the DUI case with a reduction of the charge to something less serious than DUI or go forward with the hearing to try and save your privilege to drive in the state of Georgia.

This hearing is also the first opportunity you have to confront the arresting officer while he is under oath and force the officer to answer your questions.  This opportunity is the beginning of the legal proceedings that build the legal and factual defense that may lead to your case being dismissed by the State, reduced to a lesser charge, or a jury finding you not guilty at trial.

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