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DUI Attorney Brookhaven Municipal Court:

If you have been arrested for a DUI by the Brookhaven Police Department, more than likely, your first court date will be in the Municipal Court of Brookhaven.  Brookhaven Municipal Court is located at 2665 Buford Highway, Brookhaven, Georgia, 30324.

The first court date in any criminal case is referred to as an arraingment.  This is your opportunity to plea not guilty.  Prior to this first court date it is best practice to hire a DUI Attorney who practices in Brookhaven Municipal Court.  In this way your case can be investigated prior to court and presented in court with the best opportunity to have your criminal case dismissed.

Dismissal of DUI Case:

DUI cases are regularly dismissed because of factual weaknesses with the prosecutor’s case or legal errors on the part of the officer who investigated the case.  Factual weaknesses are when the prosecutor can not prove some part of their case, for example you were driving or you were under the influence of alcohol when driving.  Legal errors occur when the police have violated established DUI law or constitutional law when investigating your case.  Either of these problems can lead to DUI charge against you being dismissed.

State Court:

If at any point you feel court is not going well in Brookhaven Municipal Court you have a unilateral right to invoke your right to trial by jury and remove the case to Dekalb County State Court.  There your case will start over, literally you will have another arraignment scheduled.

If you are facing a DUI, contact a DUI Attorney that practices in Brookhaven Municipal Court.   Contact Andrew.

DUI Attorney Brookhaven Municipal Court