DUI Overview

Defenses to a DUI are almost as limitless as the ways in which people are stopped, investigated, arrested, and accused of committing a DUI. At the The Lynch Law Group, we prepare every case as if it were going to trial.  We do this by learning as much about you, your case, and your goals for your case as possible.  We also investigate the officers, evidence, and witnesses involved in your case.  Armed with this information, we build a legal and factual trial defense specifically designed for you.

In preparing a case for trial, one of the most important factors is discovering the weaknesses in the charges against you.  Perhaps the officer in your case is poorly trained, lacks credibility, and has a lengthy disciplinary history.  By discovering valuable information such as this, many cases can be dismissed or reduced to a non-DUI traffic violation without trial.  When the State of Georgia pursues a DUI prosecution, they must prove you were DUI beyond a reasonable doubt.  You are not required to prove anything.  You hire a skilled DUI attorney to find the weaknesses in the State’s case.


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