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Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta, GA

Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta, GA- judge with wooden gavel on tableWhen our founding fathers wrote the foundation that our criminal justice system is based on, it was one in which only people who are proven beyond a reasonable doubt will be convicted of a crime. The reality, however, is that there are thousands of defendants here in Georgia and across the country sitting in prison cells who have been wrongfully convicted. There have been countless media reports detailing the tragic stories of people who have spent years in prison, convicted of crimes they did not commit. The following are some of the most common reasons why these wrongful convictions can happen, emphasizing why it is imperative for anyone who has been arrested and charged with any crime to contact a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA right away.

Bad Forensics

Too many tests that offer unreliable results but are presented as evidence any way; or the test results are presented in such a way that confuses the jury as to what the real issues are. There are also cases where flawed testimony is offered by the analysts performing the tests in order to benefit the prosecution.

False Confessions

Law enforcement has been known to use less than fair interrogation tactics, such as grilling a suspect for hours on end until the person is exhausted and will often say whatever the police want just to end the ordeal. This results in false confessions or statements that are later used against the suspect for conviction.

Incorrect Eyewitness Testimony

Many eyewitnesses misidentify a suspect and swear they are 100 percent certain that is the person they saw commit the crime when in truth, they really are not sure. Some people do this because they want to be helpful. Others do it because being a witness and testifying makes them feel “important.”

Inadequate Defense

Whether from inexperience, overburdened caseloads, or just poor lawyering, the attorney handling the case may not take the appropriate steps which could prove the suspect innocent. This is why it is critical to retain the services of an experienced and dedicated Atlanta, GA criminal defense attorney. 

Law enforcement or Prosecution Misconduct

The majority of those in law enforcement are honest, hardworking, and dedicated. Unfortunately, there are some who will do whatever is necessary to win a case. Whether due to public pressure or some other reason, police or prosecutors may take legal shortcuts that violate the suspect’s rights in order to quickly close the case.

Perjury By a Witness

If a witness has an incentive to lie, such as someone who is suspected of the crime or a “jailhouse snitch” that will have their sentence reduced, they usually are not concerned with telling the truth, just with their own self-interests. Many wrongful convictions have occurred because of perjury committed by someone testifying against the suspect.

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