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Seven students arrested during Emory protestShareThisPrint E-mail .By Christian Boone

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Seven students, four from Emory and three from other local colleges, spent Monday night in jail following a confrontation with Emory University officials who had ordered them off the campus quad.

The protesters, representing Students and Workers in Solidarity, say a university administrator told them they had not properly reserved the quad and promptly supervised the dismantling of a makeshift tent city that had formed after last Wednesday’s sit-in at Emory President James Wagner’s office. The group is targeting alleged unfair labor practices by Sodexo, the university’s food and beverage vendor.

In a statement sent to reporters, administrators said the protesters violated a “long-standing university policy [prohibiting] unauthorized use” of campus space. The arrests came after the students refused to vacate the last tent standing, according to school officials. The arrests were captured on video by fellow students.

Protesters say they will return to the quad at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to “show solidarity” with those arrested, said SWS spokesman Alex Zavell.

The seven students, who face criminal trespassing charges, were released Tuesday morning on bond.

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