Potential Client Asks “When I look up the court case this is the last thing that is posted. 07/24/2008 – order amending sentence – defendants case expired with outstanding balance due – judge
She has changed her life and would like to move on but she is terrified about the possibility of going to jail. She can’t do normal things like cash a check or get on an airplane because she is afraid to get an Georgia ID. Would she still have to go to jail? or can she just pay her fines since it’s expired. I just need some input so that I can know what to do to help her.
Thank you”


Andrew Answers: “If the probation case is expired than the case is over. If instead the probation officer tolled, a legal word for stopped, the time your mother was completing on probation then you should hire a criminal attorney. They can address your mother situation with the probation department, judge, and Gwinnett Solicitor’s Office. A potential leal result could be simply closing your mother’s case and letting her live her life, completing what is owed on probation, to giving a jail sentence.”