Child Molestation Attorney in Atlanta, GA

No one likes to discuss the darker side of child custody and parenting law, but sometimes ugly situations arise and must be dealt with swiftly and decisively to ensure the children are safe and placed in the best situation for their long-term well-being. It is also important, however, to ensure that any parent or guardian in question for a child abuse offense is properly represented in order to ensure they are not falsely accused and, if they are, clear any charges unfaithfully brought against them. Ensuring safety of a spouse is also crucial and ensuring that any and all domestic violence problems are halted immediately is a priority. When it comes to cases of child protection, domestic disputes, and restraining orders, seeking the help of a child custody lawyer Scottsdale AZ relies on with experience in these areas is key when seeking resolution. Today, we’ll explore some of the key aspects involved in child protective service cases and what is required to establish a case for a restraining order.

Child Protective Services and Child Abuse Issues

Child abuse is a serious matter, but the legal side of this issue has numerous intricacies that can make navigating it without legal expertise a challenge. A false accusation of child abuse, for example, may be completely unfounded but still carries with it a heavy implication. Rather than attempting to clear their own name, a family law attorney who has experience can help advise clients and ensure that they not only have a clean reputation, but also retain child custody or do not lose visitation rights with their children. In the state of Arizona, abuse accusations rarely come up in a family law case or custody dispute, but if it does, child protective services may be brought in for an investigation. Sometimes these investigations are thorough and proper, but often they do not go in-depth enough to acquire proper amounts of evidence or reach a conclusion sufficient enough for one or both parties.

It can be a scary situation for all parties involved, and ensuring the questions are answered and in-depth investigation takes place to ensure proper legal custody of the children, as well as provide proper resolutions. Rather than going it alone or utilizing insufficient representation, call a skilled attorney.

Restraining Orders

Whether domestic violence has occurred in the past, a spouse is in fear it may happen in the future, or something has happened to make a parent or guardian feel uneasy having another adult or parent around, restraining orders can be a step to ensure safety and security. A restraining order is a court order issued with the intent to keep a person who has hurt or abused someone away from the victim. The person requesting the order, in the cases our team is involved in, is often a victim of domestic abuse or is the parent of a child who has been hurt.

However, some people may see restraining orders as a way to falsely restrict or push away a child’s parent, spouse, or former significant other. As such, the burden of proof for a restraining order or order of protection must be fulfilled and presented to a judge. In these situations, whether you are seeking an order or you feel you have been falsely accused and placed under these restrictions, having the help of legal professionals can only help. You won’t be left wondering if you’re taking the correct steps to remedy the situation and can find clarity and efficiency in the process.

When it comes to child protection, child abuse, and restraining orders, the questions surrounding legality and proper procedures can be highly convoluted. Rather than attempting to deal with your family law issues alone, trust an experienced lawyer.

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