Being in the public eye for a criminal act is usually the last way that a person to gain their 15 minutes of fame. If you are charged with a crime, you are probably working with a defense attorney for legal representation. Public relations can be a way to compliment the representation that you are receiving. Many attorneys look to a PR firm trusts to manage the information being covered by media so that they can focus on the legalities of the case. It is not uncommon for a publicist to play an active role in a criminal case by partnering with the defendant and attorney.

Public Relations

Public relations and high profile legal cases often go hand in hand. This is a primary reason for law firms to employ a public relations firm to help manage the public’s perception of a case. Some law firms may even employ an in-house publicist for this very reason. Without someone to manage media outlets during a court case, the coverage may take a direction that is unmanageable and unhelpful for the defense. The media can have a great influence on the outcome of a legal case; and can paint a picture of a person who is guilty without having all of the information. While an attorney may be good at managing legal complexities, PR may not be their area of expertise. A PR firm can help take back control of the dialogue happening in the media.  

The Impact of Media Coverage

Cases that involve someone who is famous or sparks interest among the public usually garner vast amounts of media coverage. Through social media, a case can quickly receive national attention. Often, the media will develop a biased perspective of a person who is charged with a crime. Nowadays, information is readily available to the public within seconds.  A PR firm will be vital in providing a quick response media outlets.

High Profile Cases

There are various reasons for a criminal case to be covered by the media. There are a number of cases that have gained attention because they are more than just a criminal case; they result in the occurrence of a social cause. There are a number of criminal cases that have brought forth social movements and even shifted the law. Examples of high profile criminal cases include:

  • The OJ Simpson Trial
  • The Rodney King Beating
  • Scott Peterson Trial
  • Casey Anthony Trial

There will be much in question if you have been charged with a crime and must endure legal proceedings. It’s likely that you will be worried about serving time for the crime you have been accused of. Contending with the media if your case is in the public eye will only add to the stressors you are likely experiencing. With a publicist as part of your legal team, you can be assured that a professional with experience is managing your case in the media so that your attorney can manage your case in the courtroom.