Atlanta Child Molestation Attorney

Being accused of child molestation can be a terrifying thing.  Often, there will be no physical evidence of the alleged events and the case boils down to a swearing contest or “he-said-she-said”.  Suspects or often left wondering, “what can I do to show I did not do this?”. IN cases like these, it is very important to, first, consult with an Atlanta child molestation attorney.  Discuss with your attorney the possibility of doing a polygraph test and a psychosexual evaluation.  

In cases like these it is not unheard of for the defendant to submit to a polygraph test which is also known as a lie detector test.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to a lie detector test. It is a very bad idea to even consider submitting to a lie detector test without the advice of their attorney.  Attorneys know that lie detector tests are rarely admissible in court unless they are bad for the defendant. For that reason, your attorney may want to arrange for a private lie detector test to be administered.  

If the results of that test would, in any way, negatively impact your defense, your attorney can choose not to ever mention the test again and there is no requirement to inform the prosecutor that the test was conducted.  Conversely, if you are able to obtain favorable results on a lie detector test, then your attorney can use the test as leverage during negotiations with the prosecutor and law enforcement. In essence, your attorney could approach law enforcement and say “look, he has already taken and passed a lie detector test and here it.”  

Your attorney can also make sure that you use a tester who is reputable, and not biased in favor of or beholden to law enforcement in any way.  You want a tester who feels absolutely no allegiance to the prosecution over a potential suspect because it may bias the way they administer or interpret the test.  Agreeing to a biased lie detector test with the knowledge of the prosecutor could lead to a false-positive on the polygraph test a have a huge negative impact on your defense.  

Another way to gain leverage in your case may be to consider undergoing s psychosexual evaluation.  A psychosexual evaluation often consists of a battery of personality tests and a one on one meeting with an evaluator to fill out questionnaires and determine if you present any risk factors indicating that you may be a sexual predator.  The goal of voluntarily undergoing a psychosexual evaluation is to achieve test results that show you are the very lowest possible risk to the community and do not show signs of being a sexual offender.

As stated above, an experienced attorney at The Lynch Law Group can use his or her connections in the legal community to arrange for you to be evaluated with a reputable provider.  You want to find someone who is fair and unbiased, but also well respected so that any favorable results will not be ignored by the prosecutor in your case. If the test does not go well and the evaluator is of the opinion that you are a threat to the community, discuss this with your lawyer.  It is likely that your lawyer will opt to not use the test and it will never be mentioned as a part of your defense.