Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta, GA

There are several reasons your license may be suspended. Most people innocently forget they have parking tickets, or other traffic citations for matters such as speeding or running a red light. While others have committed a criminal offense in some way, and lost their driving privileges. No matter the reason your driver’s license was suspended, you do not want to drive without a valid driver’s license. You most definitely do not want to be stopped by law enforcement while your license is suspended.

Suppose you are pulled over by a police officer and it is discovered that your driver’s license is suspended. Assuming no other criminal offenses were committed, you will likely be immediately arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license, and have your vehicle impounded. Now you have bigger problems. No matter the reason your license is suspended, prosecutors and a judge may view this offense to be extremely serious.

While a conviction is not guaranteed, the prosecutor can pursue a conviction just so long as a few things can be proven:

  1. You were behind the wheel of a moving motor vehicle
  2. At the time that you were behind the wheel, your driver’s license was invalid by suspension or revocation.
  3. You were fully aware of your driver’s license suspension or revocation.

While your knowledge of a suspension is just enough to convict, if all three of the aforementioned factors were proven to be true without a reasonable doubt in your case, you can receive the maximum penalty for the offense of driving with a suspended driver’s license. This would entail possible jail time and fines.

With the right criminal defense attorney, you may be able to receive a plea for a smaller offense, which may not carry as much jail time or extensive fines. Notices for suspension are typically mailed out but this does not mean you received notice and were made aware. If this can be proven, you may not have it as bad as you think. If you or someone you know has recently been arrested for driving with a suspended driver’s license be sure to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney Atlanta, GA offers. It is extremely scary to face jail time and you are genuinely unaware of the initial offense you committed. The right attorney is the key to a successful case, and will be able to review all the details of your case, and investigate even further to introduce the possibility of lesser charges or possibly no charges at all. Speak with an attorney as soon as possible.

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