Criminal Lawyer

Traffic citations can be one of the most irritating offenses that require your time, money, and patience. Most of the time, the goal of every driver is the same, get to where you are going. The last thing you want to do while on your way, even to the grocery store, is being stopped by law enforcement for a tail light, speeding, or even more specific, an improper turn. To make matters worse, no one was hurt and you may have genuinely thought that turn was okay, there are just some laws you are not fully aware of.

We are almost all educated on how turning signals work, and when and why they should be used. If you are making a right, turn on your right indicator and the turn must be made as close as possible to the curb, as to avoid striking anyone or anything on your left. The same typically works for left hand turns but there are a few factors that make these laws slightly different. All turns shall be made as safely as possible, this is clear. If for any reason, your turn may have become less possible than possible, you may be faced with a traffic citation. To consider your turn as safe as possible you must be sure to not hit pedestrians on the street, as well as any parked or moving vehicle, this also includes avoiding construction work that may be getting done.

To make this slightly easier, there are marked lanes and traffic signals and signs to follow. These signs will tell you where a U-turn is not permitted. Or if right turns at red lights are not permitted as well. If there are no signs or traffic lights, the lanes will direct you and help guide drivers and show them where they are or are not permitted to pass lawfully. When you disregard these signs, lane markers, or lights and make an improper turn while also avoid pedestrians or other vehicles, you may be cited. With this traffic citation may come point on your license which makes it harder to receive decent insurance rates, and a court date that may force you to miss work or other planned engagements. If you have been cited for an improper lane change, there are options to avoid points or court but you should speak with a criminal defense attorney in Dekalb County, GA from The Lynch Law Group to see what they may be before making any decisions.