Understanding Animal Abuse

Animal abuse is just as serious as child abuse. In both cases, the victim has no opportunity to speak up for themselves. 
A lot of people don’t take animal abuse seriously because they see humans as superior to animals. Nonetheless, abusing an animal is wrong and against the law. 

Animal abuse can also come in the form of neglect. Humans love to capture and keep animals as pets or companions. I have no issue with this as I have owned many pets in my past as well. However, humans rarely dedicate the time it takes to properly care for an animal. As mentioned before, most animals are like babies in the fact that they require constant attendance. They must always be fed, kept from harming themselves, and have their grooming maintained to prevent illness and disease. These things (amongst many others) are to be considered when shopping for that new Siberian husky on Craigslist. 

Unfortunately, just as some people aren’t ready to be parents, some people aren’t ready to be pet owners either. Pets are not human and can barely understand the simplest terms in our language. Therefore, it will require much patience in order to successfully train it to the perfect house pet. Patience, that some pet owners don’t have, unfortunately. Cases have come about where animals have been beaten, cut, castrated, placed in dangerous living conditions, etc. There was even a lot of backlash toward ex NFL superstar Michael Vick after he admitted to fighting dogs for-profit and feeding them dangerous material to make them more aggressive.

What would drive someone to be maliciously harmful to a helpless being is a logic that I may never understand. Good thing there are laws in place to protect them! While this is a very sad occurrence, it does happen. Should you or someone you know be facing criminal charges for animal abuse, there is a defense for you as well. It is best to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney in the area the offense took place. Speak with a criminal defense attorney in Decatur, GA that understands animal laws in your area, and who is able to build a defense for you should you potentially be prosecuted for animal abuse.

Thanks to The Lynch Law Group for their insight into criminal law and animal abuse.