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Even the strongest marriages can go through rocky times, but when one spouse is accused of assault, it can be catastrophic for the relationship even when you have an excellent lawyer, like an assault lawyer in Oakland, CA from Hallinan Law Firm. This is especially true when one spouse is charged with assault of the other spouse. For those persons in this scenario who wish to work through this difficult chapter, it is often not possible without counseling. A licensed therapist can help the two as individuals, and as a couple. A licensed therapist can provide a professional and objective perspective that friends cannot because of their natural bias. And a therapist who specializes in counseling those who have struggled with assault and related issues will have added insight that can be invaluable. This is true whether the couple decides to remain together or go their separate ways.

Couples Counseling

When two people are in a relationship, each has their own life issues to deal with, and then there are also the issues they share as a couple. After one partner commits assault, regardless of who was the recipient of their actions, trust issues often result. If the assault was a physical expression of one spouse’s feelings of mistrust and hurt, it is an escalation of underlying existing problems. Unless the nature of those problems are explored and addressed, the assault may signal the beginning of a dangerous pattern. When spouses engage in couples counseling together, it is an opportunity to work with the counselor to find new ways to work out problems and to do so in a safe manner. Breaking old patterns that are harmful and destructive can be scary at first, but personal enrichment can be discovered in addition to beginning the healing process for the marriage.

Individuals Counseling

If both spouses are not open to couples counseling, there is the option for the willing spouse to engage in individual counseling. Conversely, many couples find value in participating in couples as well as individual counseling. What they cannot gain in couples counseling, they can often experience in individual counseling. That may include one-on-one conversations where they can explore areas that may not be of interest to both spouses. It can also be helpful when underlying trust issues may it more difficult for the one spouse to work on their own issues while in couples counseling.

Anger Management Counseling

If the assault is indicative of a pattern of expressing anger in a violent way, then anger management counseling may be of tremendous benefit. It may also be ordered by the court as one of the terms of sentencing or probation. When anger is channeled in a non-violent and productive way, it can help restore harmony within the relationship.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling

It is not unusual for someone to commit assault in conjunction with the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. If there is an addiction issue, then counseling can help the individual to work through it and reach ongoing sobriety. If both spouses share one or more addictions, they have the option of individual or couples counseling to help them beat their addictions.

To learn more about the value of engaging in counseling after a spouse is charged with assault, reach out to a therapist.