What Should You Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are looking for a criminal defense attorney, you will likely have different standards and expectations than if you were looking for a civil attorney who could help you with family law or estate planning. If someone is accusing you of a criminal act, you want to make sure you are hiring the right attorney and working with someone who can aggressively defend you in a court of law. You want to know that they have been educated on the proper defense tactics and that they will know what to look for to try to get charges reduced or dropped. 

Looking For Someone Local

Why should you look for a local criminal defense attorney? It is true that there may be a good option from a bigger law office; however, hiring locally can give you a huge advantage. When you work with an attorney from a local office, you are getting someone who knows the local court systems. That means they may be familiar with the D.A. from different local courts, the judges, or the prosecutors. They will have a good idea of whether a D.A. may be willing to negotiate before the trial or not. This kind of information is invaluable and could greatly help when you are charged with a crime. 

Look For Someone Who Has Worked With Your Type of Crime

If you were accused of grand theft auto, you want to know that your lawyer has had experience with this particular crime. A lawyer, like a criminal defense lawyer from a law firm like Tuttle Law, P.A. knows that when a lawyer has more experience with a certain type of crime, you will have a better opportunity to put your best foot forward in court. So, even if you have found a criminal defense lawyer, it would be to your advantage to find one who specializes in the type of crime you are being accused of. 

Finding a criminal defense lawyer is not always easy. You may think that simply having an attorney on your side is what you need. However, finding one who knows the area of law your criminal charges are in will help you out immensely. They can guide you through how the court procedures might go, whether negotiating is the right move, and tell you how to plea. If you need the help of a criminal defense lawyer, call your local office today.