Restraining orders are not always as easy to get as television makes it seem. There needs to be reasonable cause for a judge to approve one. However, it is incredibly important to hire a lawyer, like a restraining order petition Lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia from May Law, LLP, if you are going to court to have a restraining order filed against you. Even if you are innocent of everything the prosecution is accusing you of, you need to make sure your best interests are protected, and an experienced lawyer will know the laws in Virginia and what the best strategy is to ensure you keep your freedom.

Why Would Someone File a Restraining Order?

Restraining orders are filed if a person feels unsafe and like they are threatened by someone else. This could be due to a previous assault, or because of verbal threats that have been made against a party regarding their safety. Sexual assault and domestic violence are two major reasons people file restraining orders. 

Why Is It Important to Hire a Lawyer?

If you are having a restraining order filed against you, it is crucial to hire a lawyer to represent you in court so that you can protect your own rights and your future. If an order is granted to the person who is filing against you, it will be on your permanent record. This will affect things like future jobs, where you are able to live, and much more. It could be public knowledge and affect your friendships and relationships, and could even affect your social life if this person was in your circle. 

It is crucial to have a lawyer on your side because restraining order petition lawyers know what types of defenses do and do not work in Virginia. He or she will be able to advise you on some of the best practices to use that will be the best chance of having freedom after the trial. You may feel like since you are innocent of any wrongdoing that it is pointless to hire a lawyer to help with your case, but since you are likely not an expert in this field you need someone on your side who knows the laws and rules so that you do not incriminate yourself or lose this case. 

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If you or someone you care about is currently dealing with having a restraining order filed against them, make sure to contact an experienced restraining order petition lawyer in Virginia from May Law, LLP today. This will help give you a better chance of having a favorable outcome in your case and keeping the freedoms that you are used to. Having a restraining order against you really does strip so many freedoms from your life, and you do not want to be punished for something that you do not deserve to be punished for. Contact a lawyer right away before speaking with any authorities on the matter. He or she will have your best interest at heart and do their best to get the restraining order denied.