First step, take a deep breath. Fortunately for you, there’s a group of people out there who practice criminal defense and will be able to help you with your criminal charges. Now you need to call a criminal lawyer to discuss your situation so they can create a pathway from where you are to where you want to be.

Misdemeanor Criminal Lawyer

So you have misdemeanor criminal charges. Misdemeanors are unique and often vary by the level of the crime alleged. Typically, misdemeanors have sentences of less than one year if you were to receive any type of active time. A criminal lawyer can advise you on the proper steps to take and will try to protect your record if possible. Misdemeanors can include possession of a small amount of drugs, a larceny or theft crime from a store such as shoplifting, trespassing on someone’s property, or assault charges such as a simple assault or an assault on a female. These types of crimes often face far less severe sentences than one would for say a felony criminal charge.

Felony Criminal Attorney

Felony charges often face far harsher sentences than misdemeanors and are typically heard in a higher level court. Felony criminal attorneys often have a lot of experience in this area and should be able to tell you what they’ve seen with similar factual situations as what you’re dealing with. Felony charges can include possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, any type of shooting, such as assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill inflicting serious injury, higher level larceny crimes such as embezzlement or any type of fraud that results in theft. Felony charges also feature higher level drug charges, such as drug trafficking offenses, which is the possession of a certain quantity of drugs and can be charged for possession of kilos of substances such as cocaine or heroin.

Drug Lawyer

If you have criminal charges against you, you need to not panic. You need to contact a criminal lawyer, like our friends at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, as soon as possible to help with your case. They can guide you through this process and create a plan to protect you and your rights. Pick up the phone and call a top rated criminal lawyer today to help you with your legal situation, it will put you at ease, and let someone who knows what they’re doing help you.