Differences Between State And Federal Court

Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

While there are some similarities between what occurs in federal and state criminal courts, there are a vast amount of differences.  The Federal Court has its own rules and procedures, and some are quite different from the states. 

Federal criminal cases are handled in federal district courts that are situated within a particular state.  State criminal courts are situated within each state.  As our friends from the leading criminal defense can explain, sometimes state and federal crimes seem almost identical, in fact, sometimes the case can be charged by either or both.  Yes, that is right. You can be charged by both the federal government and a state for the same crimes, and there is no double jeopardy argument, although this happens infrequently.  This is because both the state and the federal government have an interest in preventing certain crimes from occurring within their jurisdiction.  While the federal government has jurisdiction over crimes that are committed within the United States, the state only has jurisdiction over crimes committed within its borders.

Federal courts are staffed by judges who are selected by the President of the United States. These are the District Court Judges.  Federal courts also have magistrate judges who are not Article III judges and are not selected by the President.  State courts also have judges that are typically appointed by the Governor of each state.  There are many similar crimes that are frequently brought in both federal and state courts.  These include drug and firearm offenses and many fraud offenses as well as RICO offenses and money laundering.  

The important thing to remember if you are charged with a federal crime, is that you want a lawyer who has experience in federal courts.  Some criminal lawyers limit their practices to the state, and some attorneys do little federal criminal defense.

If you or a loved one are charged with a federal crime, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer residents recommend to represent you.  Try to find one that has a vast amount of experience in federal court.