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Atlanta Sexual Abuse Attorney

Atlanta Sexual Abuse Attorney 

An Atlanta Sexual Abuse Attorney at The Lynch Law Group can help protect and fight for people who have been accused of sexual abuse. We have worked with many clients who have baseless claims against them that may impact their reputation, freedom, and future. We are committed to providing the highest quality and strategic legal representation for those in the Georgia area. Do not hesitate to obtain an attorney during this time. If you do not have a member of our team working on your behalf, it can have dire consequences for the outcome of your case. 

The Definition of Sexual Abuse

A person has committed sexual abuse if they have forced or persuaded another person to participate in unwanted sexual behavior. An Atlanta Child Molestation Attorney is aware that both adults and children can be victims of sexual abuse. For adults, sexual abuse cases usually involve abusive relationships or domestic violence. In legal terms, sexual abuse entails a wide variety of behaviors that uses, induces, or forces the assistance of another to engage in sexual conduct. During your consultation, an Atlanta Sexual Abuse Attorney in GA can answer any questions you have about sexual abuse cases, including:

  • Child prostitution/pornography
  • Sexual threats
  • Domestic violence
  • Spousal abuse
  • Molestation
  • Attempted penetration
  • Touching that was unwanted

Accusations Based on Coercion and Lies

Not every person who is accused of sexual abuse is actually guilty. In fact, many people use such claims as a way to seek revenge against another person who has done them wrong. As a Sexual Abuse Attorney in Atlanta has seen before, victims may misidentify the perpetrator and then feel pressured by law enforcement to stick to their decision, even if the victim expresses doubt and is worried the wrong person will go to jail. We will do what we can to protect your innocence if false claims have been made against due to vengeful motivations or coercion from police. 

When Romantic Relationships Turn Sour
Partners, husbands, or wives may use a sexual abuse charge as a way to punish their ex or to gain the upper hand in their relationship. If the dynamic between the partners has been going south and one finally decides to leave, the other may make false claims as a way to draw them back in (even if it’s in a negative way). This type of distorted thinking is terribly harmful to the partner who was innocent and simply wanted to leave the romantic relationship.

An Atlanta, GA Sexual Abuse Attorney does not take claims of sexual abuse lightly, and can investigate to the fullest extent possible to uncover proof that your partner has fabricated a story that is indeed false. 

Contact Us For Legal Support

Trust us, the last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to fight a sexual abuse charge. If you are convicted, there are very serious and long-term consequences that you may face. We strongly advise contacting a Georgia Sexual Abuse Attorney at The Lynch Law Group right away for legal support, before the matter escalates.