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Criminal Law Firm Decatur, GA

Criminal Lawyer Decatur, GASpeaking with the right lawyer from a trusted criminal law firm Decatur, GA offers for specific charges is paramount. If you are being charged with a crime, you do not want to hire an attorney who specializes in divorce, personal injury, or bankruptcy. Instead, you want to put your case in the hands of someone who specializes in criminal defense and understands the laws the are applicable to your case and how they can help defend you. Additionally, most civil attorneys tend to work in large branches with offices all over the nation. Criminal attorneys are usually not as spread out and thus will have knowledge of the local law and the court system specific to your area. This can provide a huge advantage. To see how a criminal lawyer Decatur, GA trusts from The Lynch Law Group can help, contact our office now. 

Why Being Local Can Help

You may think that if an attorney’s office has locations around the nation, it means they are more successful. However, this is not necessarily true and you should consider the advantage that hiring a local criminal defense attorney from a Decatur criminal law firm can have. When you work with a criminal defense attorney who practices in one area, they will likely know that the D.A. in one particular county has certain rules about plea bargaining that differ from the D.A. in another county. Or, they may be familiar with how the police officer who charged you with a crime will act in front of a court. All of these things can work to your advantage. 

Finding an Attorney From a Criminal Law Firm in Decatur, GA Who Understands Your Crime

Further, having an attorney represent you who is familiar with your specific crime is very important. If you hire a criminal defense attorney who primarily works with DUI cases but you have been charged with theft, you may quickly find that they are not the right criminal defense attorney for the job. Interview your attorney before you hire them and see which areas of criminal law they have worked in to give you an idea of how your legal relationship may go. 

Find Someone You’re Comfortable With

You want an attorney who will respect your decisions and who will represent you the way you want. Having a good relationship with your attorney is extremely important because they will speak on your behalf many times throughout this criminal case. You want to ensure that they have your best interests at heart and that they are conveying what you want. 

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