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Dekalb County Criminal Attorney

Dekalb County Criminal Attorney

For the most part, no one wakes up in the morning expecting to be arrested. However, thousands of people in Georgia are detained on any given day for a variety of reasons. The question, then, becomes what you should do if you are placed under arrest. Should you talk to the police and answer their questions? Should you refuse to say anything? Being handcuffed is stressful enough without having to worry about your rights and how to behave. Therefore, if you are ever placed under arrest, a Dekalb County criminal attorney from The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law recommends you stick to the following rules. 

1. Stay Calm

Arrests are emotional events, but it is crucial that you stay calm and obey the officers on the scene. You might want to scream, kick, spit and fight, but don’t. Resisting arrest is a difficult charge to fight, especially when every officer has a body cam. Also, having an emotional outburst leads to reckless decision making. For instance, you might scream something or say something that further incriminates you. Keeping a level head is the best way to cope with an arrest because it keeps you rational and in control of your mind.

2. Stay Silent

Next, don’t say more than you need to. You can answer basic questions about yourself, like your name or date of birth. However, beyond essential biographical information, stay silent. Anything you say while in police custody can be used against you, which is why it is always wise to request a Dekalb County criminal attorney.

3. Request a Criminal Attorney in Dekalb County

You have a right to legal representation, and you have a right not to answer questions. Therefore, if you are being interrogated, the best thing to do is to request an attorney. If the investigator insists on asking you questions, then just keep repeating your request for a lawyer. Once you make a request, the detective or investigator will usually comply, but sometimes they do not, which is a violation of your rights. However, regardless of how tired you are or how aggressive the questioning, do not answer any question, other than biographical information, without a Dekalb County Attorney present.

4. Only Trust Your Dekalb County Criminal Attorney

As a small child, you were likely told that you could trust and talk to the police. While this is a generally accepted practice, it is not true when you are arrested. Do not trust anyone, while in custody, except for your attorney.

Being placed under arrest is an intimidating and anxiety-inducing experience. However, you have rights, and it is essential that you know and understand them. Contact a Dekalb County criminal attorney from The Lynch Law Group – Attorney at Law for more information.