Federal Drug Sales

Georgia law makes it unlawful for any person to purchase, possess, or have under his control an illegal substance, this is known as a possession charge.  A more serious drug charge than possession is possession with the intent to distribute, also known as a sales charge.  Georgia law makes it unlawful for any person to manufacture, deliver, distribute dispense, administer, purchase, if marijuana, sell or possess with intent to distribute an illegal drug.

For someone to be convicted of this type of drug charge the state must prove more than just possession.  The criminal intent for this charge is commonly established by Georgia prosecutors through evidence of the packaging, scale, a razor, possession of amounts of drugs that are to large for personal consumption, large amounts of currency, and prior convictions for drug dealing or selling.

For example, if you have cocaine in your locked car, you would only be charged with possession of it. However, if during the search of your car the police found large sums of cash, weapons, or tools to process the cocaine there is a large chance you would face a sales charge.

Drug prosecutions  are one of the most serious criminal cases someone can be charged with in Georgia.  If you are convicted it can affect you for years to come, long after the days in prison are over and the time spent on probation has ended.  At the The Lynch Law Group, we fight hard to protect you from being convicted.  We prepare every case as if it is going to trial because this how we are able to obtain the best outcome for you.


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