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DUI Lawyer Atlanta, GA- cop carMany people enjoy going out and having a few drinks over dinner or when visiting neighborhood bars and taverns with friends. Unfortunately, while you may think you are safe to drive if you spread the amount of alcohol you consume out over the course of the night or stick to beer or wine rather than hard liquors, the fact is you could still be at risk for DUI charges. While the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.08 percent in Georgia may seem high, each DUI lawyer in Atlanta, GA from our firm has handled numerous cases where just one or two drinks put someone over this limit.  

Can Just One Or Two Drinks Put Me Over The Legal Limit?

There are a variety of formulas designed to help you stay under the state legal BAC limit when you intend on driving, such as spacing out drinks to an average of one an hour. There are also tools currently on the market to warn you when you have had too much and are at risk of getting a DUI. Unfortunately, none of these are foolproof and the simple fact is that using any amount of alcohol behind the wheel could result in criminal charges.

Even one or two drinks can put you over the legal limit, depending on factors such as your gender, your weight, and whether you drink on an empty stomach. The amount and the type of alcohol you consume also play a role. While a 1.5 ounce shot of hard liquor, which contains roughly 40 percent alcohol content, is stronger than a 12-ounce beer (4.5 percent) or a five-ounce glass of wine (12 percent), sticking to ‘lighter’ adult beverages is no guarantee against a DUI. In fact, the false sense of security you may feel with wine or light beer may cause you to drink more, thereby increasing your overall BAC level.

What Are The BAC Limits In Georgia?

An Atlanta DUI lawyer advises that the legal blood alcohol content limit for DUI varies depending on your age and the type of driving you do:

  •       For those 21 and over: .08 BAC or greater
  •       For those under 21 or currently on a DUI suspension: 0.02 BAC or greater
  •       For those who operate commercial vehicles: .04 BAC or greater

In addition to your blood alcohol content, you can also be pulled over and charged if the police officer in your case notices you acting as if you are intoxicated. With state prohibitions against driving under the influence of street drugs and over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medications, scoring low on a BAC test will not necessarily prevent you from being arrested and charged if the officer thinks there is probable cause to arrest you.

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