What should I keep in mind when choosing a criminal defense attorney?

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Being arrested or charged with a crime is distressing and may require the help of a Decatur lawyer. The Lynch Law Group not only understands the stress and confusion you may be experiencing, he also knows how to prepare a case for trial for a successful outcome. Call our office today at (404) 373-7735 for a free consultation to find out more how our legal team can be of assistance.

It may be in your best interest to work with a Decatur lawyer such as The Lynch Law Group who focuses on criminal law and will be dedicated to helping you clear your name. It is unfortunately common for public defenders’ workloads to be weighed down with many cases at one time, making it difficult for them to put the same amount of time, energy, and preparation into a case as a private criminal defense lawyer. The Lynch Law Group limits his caseload to ensure that each client gets the focus they deserve. He has successfully represented thousands of Decatur residents who were charged with one or more criminal offenses.

Factors to Consider

With a wide range of attorneys to choose from in the Atlanta area, how do you go about finding a lawyer in Decatur GA who is the best fit for your unique case? After meeting with a criminal defense attorney, there are several questions you should be able to answer with a resounding “yes”:

  • Does the firm have years of experience and a proven court record in criminal defense cases?
  • Is the lawyer with whom you speak interested in you and the details of your case?
  • Will the firm take the necessary time and effort to properly defend you?

Because not every criminal defense attorney will be diligent to fulfill all of the above criteria, it is worth the time to seek the best possible Decatur lawyer for your needs. Consider working with one who is committed to becoming familiar with the details of your case, and who will be fully prepared for court. While it is not a given that your case will go to trial, it is a possibility. For example, if charges have not been dropped, and a plea bargain is not agreed to prior to the trial date, you will have to go to court. Being prepared for a trial will strengthen your defense and make it more likely that the prosecution will agree to a plea bargain. It can also make the difference when it comes to receiving a lighter sentence.

Contact The Lynch Law Group

The criminal justice system can be difficult and frustrating. You deserve to be represented by a professional whose experience and efforts can help you receive the best possible outcome for your case. The Lynch Law Group, is a criminal defense attorney who is committed to each of his clients. For comprehensive representation from a skilled Decatur lawyer and a free initial consultation regarding your case, contact The Lynch Law Group at (404) 373-7735.