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Taking a lie detector test may be very scary for some, especially if you do not understand how they work. It should be simple to understand the purpose of lie detector tests, to detect a lie being told. For this reason, much like speaking with a law enforcement officer without your attorney present, do not take or agree to take a lie detector test without your legal counsel present. While polygraph tests are taken sometimes for personal reasons, they are most commonly utilized in criminal investigations. These exams study and measure the individual’s heart rate, the way they are breathing, the blood pressure while they answer the questions and at which question certain changes occurred. A professional will be able to review the results and determine if any deception was indicated, deception meaning there was a lie told. The test administrator would ask questions that are pertinent to the case and use your results and answers to assist in the investigation. This test is not exactly one hundred percent accurate but does help solve a few concerns. The changes in your blood, heart, or breathing rate would help determine whether certain topics or questions were a concern for the individual taking the test.

Polygraph test results do not exactly solve crimes but the pressure they build assist in heading into the right direction, and many people are honest out of fear of being caught because they do not exactly understand how these tests work. Anxiety also causes these sudden changes and therefore may affect results. It is important to understand that just because you are asked to take a polygraph test, in most cases, you do not have to do so. This is why it is equally important to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney when you are facing criminal charges and have been asked to adhere to a lie detector test, you may very well incriminate yourself. Remember that regardless of who asks, what they say will happen to you if you do not cooperate, and even if you do not have legal counsel, never agree without legal counsel’s advice. Also, depending on the facts of your case it may be best to hire legal counsel before making any decisions. If you or someone you know has been approached and asked to participate in a polygraph test, speak with a Decatur criminal lawyer for your defense as soon as possible so that all the best options are weighed before a decision is made.

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