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Cocaine Trafficking:

Cocaine is a Schedule II drug. Possession of any amount of cocaine will result in a felony prosecution in the state of Georgia.


The severity of the felony increases based on the weight of cocaine you are being prosecuted for. If you are caught with an ounce of cocaine, you will be charged with the felony of trafficking in cocaine.

Potential Imprisonment and Fines:


If you are charged with trafficking in cocaine the minimum prison sentence you are facing, if convicted, is ten years. As extreme as this may sound, the maximum sentence you can receive is thirty years in prison. The minimum fine if convicted of trafficking in cocaine is $200,000. The maximum fine if convicted of cocaine trafficking is $1,000,000.


As the weight of cocaine goes up in a criminal prosecution the fines and penalties go up. If you are arrested with 200 grams or more the minimum prison time increases ten years to fifteen years, and fine rises from $200,000 to $300,000.


If the weight of cocaine being charged is over 400 grams the minimum prison sentence becomes twenty-five years, and the minimum fine becomes one million dollars.


Remember, important in any drug case is how did the police find the illegal drugs, were your rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizures violated? If the drugs were found legally can the state show you possessed these drugs beyond a reasonable doubt?

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