Can Your Driver’s License Be Saved?

Are you facing a license suspension for a DUI arrest?

If so, you have ten business days (weekends and holidays do not count) from arrest to fight the suspension.  Immediately contact a DUI attorney.  The Georgia Department of Driver’s Services requires your challenge to the license suspension be postmarked on or before the tenth business day.  The challenge should include the court filing fee and the basis for reversing your suspension.


Once the challenge is filed your temporary thirty day driving permit will be extend to a ninety day permit.  This will allow you  to continue living your life while your attorney gather the evidence about the reasons you were arrested and charged with a DUI.

The ALS hearing is between you and the arresting officer.  There is generally not a prosecutor to represent the police officer.  The hearing judge will require the officer to establish he had a right to stop and investigate you, that he had right to arrest you for DUI, and once he did arrest you did he comply with your implied consent to DUI testing rights, similar to Miranda rights for a DUI.

If you took the officer’s test of your blood alcohol content then a skilled attorney should be able to keep you licensed throughout your case.   If your refused the Officer’s test, it is of critical importance you win the ALS hearing or have the suspension reversed by the arresting officer, otherwise you are facing a hard suspension of your privilege to  drive for twelve months without any ability to get a limited driving permit.

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