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Fighting A DUI Charge

If you were charged with a DUI, you may want to talk to The Lynch Law Group, a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA trusts. He was named to to “Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers” five years in a row and has handled many DUI cases in the past. With a trusted DUI lawyer in Dekalb County GA on your side, you may be more likely to get favorable results.

DUI Defense Options

Getting charged with a DUI is a serious matter and it is normal to feel scared. However, a lawyer may use an effective defense method to get your charges reduced or dismissed. For example, your lawyer may challenge the accuracy of the field sobriety test you received. It turns out that these sobriety tests are not always so accurate. If you were wearing improper footwear or had a physical ailment, it might have hurt your performance on the test.

A Dekalb County DUI lawyer may also challenge the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results from a breathalyzer test. If the equipment had not been maintained properly or if it had been administered  incorrectly, the results of your BAC test may have been inaccurate.

If a police officer had no legal grounds to pull you over, your DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA counts on may be able to use that as your defense. If the court determines that the police officer did indeed stop you illegally, your entire case may get thrown out.

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Every DUI case can be fought and many more than most people think can be won.  It is not usually the facts of the case that decide who will win. Instead, it’s the Defendant’s personal desire to fight and his or her attorney’s investigation into the facts of the case (and the law governing the case) that matter.

The easiest way to think of a DUI case is: 100 things have to go right for a case to be perfect.  Your attorney’s job is to investigate your case and find the one thing — and sometimes there are many more — that went wrong, and exploit it.

Errors can occur from the moment an officer decides to investigate you up until the moment you are freed from jail. Even then, many cases are dismissed because the officer’s career somehow becomes tarnished between your release from jail and day of court. In some cases, they are simply no longer employed or reachable on your day of court.

The facts of your case do matter, but more than that, hard work can take a good case for the State’s prosecutors and make it a good case for you.

Do not wait to hire a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA relies on to take your DUI case. The sooner you consult with a reputable attorney, the sooner you may be able to put this mess behind you. If you are searching for a DUI lawyer Dekalb County GA offers, contact The Lynch Law Group at (404) 373-7735.

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